Nova Scotia’s Destination Restaurants

This post was made possible by Tourism Nova Scotia, who sponsored my road trip around Nova Scotia on my search for the best destination restaurants. All views and opinions are my own. Nova Scotia is an amazing road trip province. Drive one hour, and you are in an entirely different landscape with a unique culture and cuisine. The Annapolis Valley […]

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Halifax Pizza
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Guest Quest: @hfxfoodreviews Peninsula Pizza Project Part II

This is a guest post by @hfxfoodreviews, known for their “easily digestible reviews”. I am honoured that they have chosen my platform to showcase their quest for the best sit-down pizzeria on the Halifax Peninsula. Enjoy! In November 2020, we announced the results of our search for the best slice in town with the @hfxfoodreviews Peninsula Pizza Project here on […]

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Halifax Vegetarian
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Veganuary 2021: My Plant-Based Journey

The Side Dish and I have started dabbling with a new Instagram project called @CinLinDoes where we dabble in adventure and lifestyle. We tried out a month of sobriety last November, and decided we should dive into 2021 by participating in Veganuary (a month of exploratory veganism). We were polluted with cheese, wine, eggnog, chocolate, and holiday turkey, and welcomed […]

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Halifax Misc. Nova Scotia
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2020 in Review

While many of my favourite restaurants are featured on this list, which contains some of the best food in Halifax, and I definitely encourage you to go out and support them, please keep in mind that ALL of our vibrant, independent, local restaurants are struggling. If you have a favourite spot, show your support. Don’t form internet mobs. Don’t use […]

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Halifax Nova Scotia Pizza Pizza
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Guest Quest: @hfxfoodreviews Peninsula Pizza Project 2020

This is a guest post by @hfxfoodreviews, known for their “easily digestible reviews”. I am honoured that they have chosen my platform to showcase their quest for the best pizza slice on the Halifax Peninsula. Enjoy!  How do you define “good pizza”? We believe the most important attributes are taste, size and price – with taste being paramount, but they […]

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Halifax Sushi
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All-You-Can-Eat Sushi at Jukai

Five years ago I delved into the burgeoning AYCE sushi scene in Halifax, writing reviews of Wasabi Asian Cuisine, Genji, Zi Xiang (now closed), Mizu, Happy Sushi and Sushi Jet. I can’t vouch for the relevance and accuracy of these reviews today, but you can read them if you wish. At the time it was determined that Wasabi Asian Cuisine and […]

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Brunch Halifax
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Brunch at The Cheeky Neighbour Diner

The Cheeky Neighbour  6024 Quinpool Rd, Halifax The Cheeky Neighbour replaced Relish Gourmet Burgers late last year when owner Drew Voegeli decided to rebrand the last remaining bastion of the now-extinct franchise. The new concept is a “modern diner” with tweaked classics. “Oh, yay! It’s actually a diner,” remarked The Side Dish as we approached. Refurbished diner seats, pastels, wood, and […]

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On The Road
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The Best Things I Ate and Drank in Portugal

To be completely honest, Portugal was not on my travel radar. The Side Dish suggested that we go to Spain for our honeymoon, but when we realized that Portugal would stretch our dollar even further we started fantasizing about this mysterious country with its painted tiles and rugged coastline. Since this was our honeymoon it was decidedly not culinary tourism, […]

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Halifax Misc.
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A Few of My Favourite Things (2019)

Every year I write a round-up of my best meals, but this year I’ve decided to make a little list of some of the best things to eat in Halifax and a few tasty things I’ve eaten in other locales. You’ll find some old favourites, new discoveries and stuff I’ve been excited about in 2019! You might notice that I’m […]

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Best Tacos in Halifax

With the first Halifax Taco Week approaching, I thought it would be valuable to know who is making the best tacos in Halifax. But I am going on record to say: Halifax isn’t ready! We are just starting to get some quality taquerias in town, but it’s too early to start a festival based around BBQ fried chicken tacos topped […]

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