On The Road USA
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Adventures in Chicago-style Hot Dogs!

If you’ve been following me long enough you’ll know that I’m obsessed with Chicago. I’ve been there several times and I always jam as much food into my mouth as I can. I’ve written about my adventures with Chicago Italian Beef Sandwiches and Chicago Pizza but I’ve thus far neglected the third pillar of the Chicago food pyramid: the Chicago-style […]

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On The Road Pizza USA
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Adventures in Chicago Pizza

I’ve been to Chicago 3 times since 2011, and each time I’m there I delve into the impossibly amazing food scene. Three trips and I’m still working on the basics: Chicago pizza, hot dogs, and Italian beefs, with some burgers and barbecue for good measure. When it comes to Chicago pizza, you can find everything from Neapolitan gems to New […]

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Hamburgers On The Road Winnipeg
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The Winnipeg Fatboy

This is a guest post written by one of my most dedicated Food Questers, Denton Froese. He recently took a trip to Western Canada and investigated the Winnipeg Fatboy for me. Thanks, Denton! Corydon Avenue in Winnipeg is marked as “Corso Italia” – it was originally the “Little Italy” district in Winnipeg, but over the years, it’s grown to host […]

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International On The Road
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An Incomplete Guide to Regional Irish Foods

In this series so far: A Full Irish Breakfast Irish Pubs Ireland: Street Foods Street food, pub food, breakfast… I sampled as much as I could on my 10 days in Ireland. But 10 days is hardly enough time to master the intricate details of a nation’s (2 nations!) regional foods. One would have to become an expert on cheeses, […]

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Ireland: Street Foods

In this series so far: A Full Irish Breakfast Irish Pubs So now that I’ve talked about breakfast and pub food, I’m ready to discuss a few lesser known Irish foods like chicken filet rolls and tacos chips. I know what you’re thinking – doesn’t sound very Irish, right? Well, one might be similarly surprised to discover the hot dog’s popularity in […]

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Irish Pubs

Also in this series: A Full Irish Breakfast Ireland: Street Foods When North Americans think of Irish pubs, too often our only point of reference is the shiny theme pubs swelling with cultural appropriation. But what is an Irish pub really? I went to a ton of pubs in Ireland, strictly for research, of course! Most were traditional pubs dating […]

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A Full Irish Breakfast

Also in this series: Irish Pubs Ireland: Street Foods I just got back from a vacation in Ireland and of course this required a full examination of the nations’ foodstuffs! Breakfast is serious business in Ireland. In the south, you’ve got your full Irish breakfast. This varies somewhat but may involve: – fried egg – bacon rashers (back bacon) – […]

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Edmonton Donair Quest

Last fall I did a Calgary Donair Quest, even though it is really Edmonton that is known for the notorious prairie donair. Its history dates back to the 1980s which you can read about in this Walrus article: The Donair Wars. Charles Smart was the OG of Edmonton donairs but, alas, it no longer exists. So I consulted a few […]

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Alberta Calgary On The Road
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The Vietnamese Subs of Calgary

I recently critiqued some of the donairs in Calgary, as I don’t believe Calgary to be a great donair city. But what Calgary lacks in donair culture they make up for with Vietnamese subs! I would argue that the banh mi is Calgary’s #1 street food – that it is more prevalent here than other cities in Canada and a […]

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Alberta Calgary Donairs On The Road
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Calgary Donair Quest

Did you know that Albertans eat more donairs than anywhere else in Canada? I know, right?! Edmonton, the donair capital of Western Canada, even considered making donair its official food, but it looks like they’ve conceded that it belongs to Halifax. The migration of the donair to Alberta is a mysterious phenomenon but there is a generally assumed connection to Maritime migrants […]

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