Nova Scotia Pizza
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Nova Scotia Food Profiles: Cape Breton Pizza Burgers

If there is one food that screams “Cape Breton” it would be the pizza burger (if not Cape Breton Pizza). It is to Cape Breton what the Cheese Steak is to Philadelphia, what foldable pizza and dirty water dogs are to New York: the most unglamourous, albeit beloved, of comfort foods. It is not a hamburger dressed like a pizza. […]

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Halifax Pizza
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Halifax Pizza Quest: Vegan Edition

Eat This Town will be entirely vegan/vegetarian this month of May! I’ll be posting some fun vegan content, while committed to an ovo-lacto vegetarian diet. Follow along as I discover delicious alternatives to animal-based foods, while reducing my carbon footprint! The Pizza Quest has taken me all over Halifax, from Cole Harbour to Lower Sackville to Spryfield. I plan on […]

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Halifax Nova Scotia Pizza Pizza
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Bedford Pizza Quest

Bedford was the last zone to be conquered in the Halifax Pizza Quest, and with its completion we have scoured the entirety of the urban HRM (Peninsula, Spryfield, Clayton Park, Fairview, Dartmouth, Sackville). It’s been close to 5 years of questing, and these preliminary findings will help me to narrow down the best pizza in the city. I was looking […]

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Outer Sackville Pizza Quest

The Halifax Pizza Quest has conquered all of Halifax & Dartmouth (including Clayton Park, Fairview and Spryfield) and now we have eaten our way through Sackville. You may remember our disappointing Lower Sackville Pizza Quest late last year, and I’m happy to say that Middle Sackville was much more satisfying. All of these pizzas are better than any Lower Sackville […]

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Alberta Calgary Pizza
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Calgary Pizza Adventures

When I lived in Calgary (2009-2012) I had to make some adjustments to my lifestyle: long commutes, long underwear, and longing for garlic fingers! I learned that pizza shops make pizza – not poutine, nachos, burgers or fish ‘n chips. I learned that shrimp goes on pizza and that ranch dressing goes on everything. I also discovered that many of the […]

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On The Road Pizza USA
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Adventures in Chicago Pizza

I’ve been to Chicago 3 times since 2011, and each time I’m there I delve into the impossibly amazing food scene. Three trips and I’m still working on the basics: Chicago pizza, hot dogs, and Italian beefs, with some burgers and barbecue for good measure. When it comes to Chicago pizza, you can find everything from Neapolitan gems to New […]

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Spryfield Pizza Quest

The long anticipated Spryfield Pizza Quest has finally been completed! Thanks to our hosts, Eva and Christian, who offered up their new abode for our Spryfield conquest. For this quest we compared: Now We’re Cookin’ 179 Hebridean Dr, Herring Cove Crystal Pizza 386 Herring Cove Rd, Halifax Herring Cove Pizza 16 Dentith Rd, Halifax Uncle Buck’s 5 Dentith Rd, Halifax […]

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Fairview Pizza Quest

Since we included Rockingham within Clayton Park I figured it would make enough sense to include Armdale within the Fairview Pizza Quest. The Armdale pizza shops: Euro Pizza  Armdale Pizza (*Now Closed) (Yes, we did these before on the West End Halifax Pizza Quest but we are revisiting them here). The Fairview pizza shops: Velos Pizza (*now closed) Ken’s Seafood […]

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Food Quests Halifax Pizza
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Clayton Park Pizza Quest

In 2014 I did a Halifax Peninsula Pizza Quest. In 2015 I conquered Dartmouth. Now in 2016 I’m going to tackle Clayton Park, Fairview and Spryfield! I have been told that this quest should be called the Clayton Park/Rockingham Quest but that’s a long title so call it what you want. (Truth: I never knew Rockingham was a place until […]

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