Blogging from the heart of downtown Halifax, I consider myself to be a “food nerd”  preoccupied with the busy task of food reconnaissance, research and investigation.

I also like a good party.

My main focus right now is running “Food Quests” to determine where the best food is by category, with my Halifax-wide Pizza Quest being one of the most popular.

I like to be attuned to what’s new and trendy, but I also wish to champion those old school classics we know, love, and take for granted. In general, I think authenticity trumps whimsy – but the best judge is always the test of time! More importantly, good food trumps all.

Future endeavors will involve food guides, video, and the fruits of my Canadian food research. I am interested in regional foods, especially Nova Scotian and Canadian foods by province/region. I am a food tourist at heart, and I look forward to doing more travelling and eating.

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  1. Yeah! Found your blog through reddit (the bakeapples article) and am now a fan- I would not have guessed that a blog about Halifax burger places would be awesome, but I would have been wrong! Keep up the good work!


    • Hey! I’m glad you found me! Very random Reddit 5 mins of fame, there. I assure you I’ll be be writing about more than Halifax burgers – it’s just a very burgery time right now. Thanks for saying hi, cheers!


      • Reading about Donairs in Haifax. I did not realize the Greek connection. Have I missed a reference to Robert’s? There yesterday…fellow said they make their own donair meat.
        Enjoyed learning about origins. Another contender is Jessy’s.


        • I am going to be writing a bit about Robert’s in my Donair Book (that is coming out this fall!). As for Jessy’s, they opened in 1992 – way later in history. As for quality, I didn’t think it was a good donair, but it could vary by location. Cheers!


  2. Thanks for all the delightful local reviews! I just spent a good 2 hours reading through all of em, and I have to say it was time well spent, and I’m very hungry for pizza, fish & burgers. Keep up the great work


  3. Have found several local treasure and reacquainted myself with a few old ones I’d forgot about thanks to this blog. Might even have drooled on occasion while reading through.. lol. Keep up the good work, HRM could use a lot more of this sort of thing. Love the genuine local perspective.


  4. Doniar stories- I lived in New Brunswick when I was much younger during my high school years, and a bit longer. Favorite thing to do Fridays nights after coming home from the bars, was to stop and get a donair, it actually helped with the hang over the next day.
    Now living in Ottawa, there is no real east coast donair places, I know of one in Pembroke which I hit when out that way camping. I have also gotten to the point of making my own. I have found the doniar meat, and I make my own sauce.
    When we travel down east we make a point to have many donairs, my husband has also brought me back donairs and flew them home.


  5. Just wanted to say thanks! You’ve been a great reference for my time in Halifax. My takeaways were

    1) The best fish and chips is actually at Narrows Public House, though I tried three others
    2) I prefer lobster rolls from Maine – I found all four I tried in Halifax lacking enough mayo tang and weren’t seasoned enough.

    Much love from Portland Oregon!


    • Thanks Nick! I’m glad my blog was helpful. I love the fish and chips at The Narrows! And I agree about the lobster rolls – they are truly a food of New England. But I find it hard to believe you tried the Crobster Roll and Tom’s and found them lacking seasoning?! Would love to hear all about your adventures in Nova Scotia. Cheers.


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