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Dartmouth Pizza Quest: North End Dartmouth

“Weirdest Quest Yet” – Halifax ReTales Our latest conquest of the Dartmouth pizza scene was finding the best pizza in North End Dartmouth. Click this pizza link to see everything Eat This Town has conquered thus far. Much thanks to our host, Danielle, who connected with me on r/Halifax, and her boyfriend Jordan who helped us eat some pizza! This […]

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Dartmouth Pizza Quest: Cole Harbour

I realize that Cole Harbour is not technically part of Dartmouth, but it makes sense to include it within the Dartmouth Pizza Quest, so here it is! Much thanks to our hosts, Ann & Gil for their wonderful hospitality! Ann’s watermelon agua fresca and rhubarb pies almost stole the show! We ordered pizzas from the following: Anapolie Pizza Alexandra’s Pizza […]

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Dartmouth Pizza Quest: Downtown Dartmouth

This year I’ve decided to take my pizza quest to Dartmouth! Just like the Halifax Pizza Quest, I will be dividing Dartmouth up into “pizza neighbourhoods” and ordering pizzas from all the shops in each zone for side-by-side analysis. The pizza zones are as follows: Downtown Dartmouth North End Dartmouth Woodside/Eastern Passage East Dartmouth Cole Harbour I realize that Cole […]

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Halifax Pizza Quest: The Gourmet Pizzas of SOMO

SOMO (South of Morris) is brimming with gourmet,¬†artisanal, authentic, fancypants, thin crust, Italian-style pizza – or whatever you want to call it. Whereas the Pizza Quest at large is generally a pepperoni & pajamas affair, I mustn’t ignore the restaurants offering night-out-on-the-town fare – something you put on a shirt for, and enjoy with a glass of wine. Everyone has […]

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Halifax Peninsula Pizza Finals!

The Halifax Peninsula Pizza Finals were a success! My Pizza Team was joined by other participants for a total of 20 judges, tasked with scoring what we determined to be the 7 best pizzerias in Halifax proper. That’s 20 people – 14 large pizzas, and the biggest event I’ve ever organized! Joining us this evening was Josh Rankin of Life […]

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Halifax Peninsula Pizza Finals – Vote!

*** Voting is Now Over (and has been for a long time!)*** I have directed my attention this year to the state of delivery pizza in Halifax. I have divided up the entirety of Halifax (a.k.a. the HRM) into pizza neighbourhoods, and, beginning with the peninsula, I have organized pizza parties where my friends and I critique all of the […]

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Halifax Pizza Quest: West End Halifax

For those just tuning in, this is the third installment of the Halifax Pizza Quest! Make sure to check out the¬†rigorous accounts of South End Halifax and the Battle of Quinpool Road. Our methodology involves ordering a medium pizza with pepperoni and green pepper at each pizza joint and consuming them as simultaneously and thoughtfully as possible (something we’re still […]

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