Food Quests Halifax
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Halifax Taco Quest: El Nino vs. Indochine (Vegan Edition)

Eat This Town will be entirely vegan/vegetarian this month of May! I’ll be posting some fun vegan content, while committed to an ovo-lacto vegetarian diet. Follow along as I discover delicious alternatives to animal-based foods, while reducing my carbon footprint! Back in 2014 I predicted that tacos would be the next big food trend in Halifax… and I was right! […]

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Asian Food Food Quests Halifax
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HFX Ramen Quest: The Final!

The Ramen Quest was a bit of an experiment, as I had never done a head-to-head tournament-style quest before, nor had I been tasked with such impossible logistics.┬áIt is easy to share pizza and nachos with a group, but have you ever tried to split up bowls of noodles and broth? Who gets the egg?! Then there is the question […]

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Asian Food Food Quests Halifax
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HFX Ramen Quest Semi-Finals: Tako vs. Buta

Here we are at Round 2 of the Halifax Ramen Quest Semi-Finals! If you’re just tuning in, the Ramen Quest is a tournament-style food quest on which my team have so far critiqued 12 bowls of ramen in head-to-head combat. We’ve narrowed it down to the top 4, which have advanced to the semi-finals. Last week, Truly Tasty defeated Studio […]

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Food Quests Halifax Nachos
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Halifax Nacho Quest: The Rest!

We are so close to trying every platter of nachos on the Halifax peninsula and naming the best nachos in Halifax – I can almost taste it! Tastes like cheese, and salt, and spice, and victory! Since 2014 we’ve done our streets: Spring Garden Road, Argyle Street, Brunswick Street, Barrington Street and Quinpool Road. We’ve also done the Waterfront, the […]

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Outer Sackville Pizza Quest

The Halifax Pizza Quest has conquered all of Halifax & Dartmouth (including Clayton Park, Fairview and Spryfield) and now we have eaten our way through Sackville. You may remember our disappointing Lower Sackville Pizza Quest late last year, and I’m happy to say that Middle Sackville was much more satisfying. All of these pizzas are better than any Lower Sackville […]

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Food Quests Hamburgers Misc.
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The Quest for the Best Fast Food Burger

When Halifax ReTales announced that he was gonna do a fast food burger tour in preparation for Halifax Burger Week, I was so down. His plan was to sample and evaluate a bargain burger from each of the 6 major chains. He even brought a scale to weigh the burgers to compare price/weight/quality. This is something I’ve always wanted to […]

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