Cape Breton Pizza

Recently, I have become attuned to the chorus of transplanted Capers declaring that pizza is much better in Cape Breton than it is in Halifax. There are a couple problems with this sentiment. First, it requires Halifax to have a homogeneous pizza style. Second, it requires Cape Breton to have a homogeneous pizza style. The last time I found myself immersed […]

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Alberta Calgary On The Road Pizza
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Calgary Greek-Style Pizza

I lumbered into Calgary on a Greyhound bus one summer morning in 2009. I would end up living there for 3 years, but my first moments were filled with disorientation and culture shock, as I stumbled through the wasteland of strip malls, box stores, and chain restaurants grasping for something familiar, before discovering and understanding the real Calgary culinary scene. This […]

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On The Road Ontario Pizza Windsor
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Windsor-Style Pizza

When I lived in Calgary, I worked with several individuals from the small city of Windsor, Ontario. Relying largely on Detroit’s automotive industry, or lack thereof, Windsor folks are represented amongst the work-hungry migrants who find themselves in Calgary. These friends of mine taught me things I didn’t know – many things! Such as: Windsor is the southernmost city in […]

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