Halifax Pizza Quest: West End Halifax

For those just tuning in, this is the third installment of the Halifax Pizza Quest! Make sure to check out the rigorous accounts of South End Halifax and the Battle of Quinpool Road. Our methodology involves ordering a medium pizza with pepperoni and green pepper at each pizza joint and consuming them as simultaneously and thoughtfully as possible (something we’re still […]

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Cape Breton Pizza

Recently, I have become attuned to the chorus of transplanted Capers declaring that pizza is much better in Cape Breton than it is in Halifax. There is, apparently, a style of Cape Breton pizza. There are a couple problems with this sentiment. First, it requires Halifax to have a homogeneous pizza style. Second, it requires Cape Breton to have a […]

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Alberta Calgary On The Road Pizza
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Calgary Greek-Style Pizza

I lumbered into Calgary on a Greyhound bus one summer morning in 2009. I would end up living there for 3 years, but my first moments were filled with disorientation and culture shock, as I stumbled through the wasteland of strip malls, box stores, and chain restaurants grasping for something familiar, before discovering and understanding the real Calgary culinary scene. This […]

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On The Road Ontario Pizza Windsor
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Windsor-Style Pizza

When I lived in Calgary, I worked with several individuals from the small city of Windsor, Ontario. Relying largely on Detroit’s automotive industry, or lack thereof, Windsor folks are represented amongst the work-hungry migrants who find themselves in Calgary. These friends of mine taught me things I didn’t know – many things! Such as: Windsor is the southernmost city in […]

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