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Windsor-Style Pizza

When I lived in Calgary, I worked with several individuals from the small city of Windsor, Ontario. Relying largely on Detroit’s automotive industry, or lack thereof, Windsor folks are represented amongst the work-hungry migrants who find themselves in Calgary. These friends of mine taught me things I didn’t know – many things! Such as: Windsor is the southernmost city in Canada. It is located even more southernly than some U.S. towns and cities. It has a hot, humid climate in the summer, perfect for tomatoes, and with a large Italian population to boot! For this reason it is a town rich with Italian food and pizza. The other unique thing about Windsor is that it is directly across the river from Detroit. You can literally see the Detroit skyline from the Windsor waterfront, and there is a bridge and an under-water tunnel that can take you there easily.

More than anything, my Windsor friends insisted that their hometown has the best pizza in Canada! Now, that’s a big claim, and you can bet your ass I showed up on my friend Kyle’s doorstep as promised.

The above picture displays my first slice of Windsor pizza. This particular slice is from Capri pizza, which, apparently, is one of the only good Windsor-style joints with a location downtown. The first thing I noticed was that the pepperoni is shredded… shredded! Whoa. This slice of pizza had obviously been sitting under the lamps for a while, so it wasn’t the best initiation into this style of pizza, but you can see that the Windsor style is a hand-tossed thin-ish style. Thus far, it sorta looks like Halifax’s pizza corner style, aside from the pepperoni.

My Windsor tour-guide suggested we go to his favourite pizza place, namely, Riverside Restaurant and Tavern. This was an old worn-in neighbourhood sports bar (not the kind with the flat screen TVs, wing specials and boobs, but rather the kind with the vintage, no-nonsense servers and dusty sports memorabilia on the walls).

This pizza was an improvement on Capri, if not only because it was served fresh in the dining room. The pepperoni was the same shredded variety, only the menu referred to it as “sausage” for some reason (pepperoni is technically a sausage, but how misleading). The crust was sturdy-crisp. Nice. We went half/half because Kyle doesn’t like mushrooms and olives, and I practically require them. However, the mushrooms were *shudder*… canned! C’est terrible! But before I trash this particular institution, I should mention that all Windsor pizza places are rumoured to serve canned mushrooms. Best pizza in Canada? This is certainly one count against Windsor.

Another interesting thing about Riverside Pizza is that they provide a bottle of home-made BBQ sauce for dipping. Strange choice, but the locals seem to dig it.
The last pizza of my Windsor pizza tour, was one from Naples, which, oddly enough, is not representative of the trendy Neapolitan style. It took some work to figure out which location delivered to our area, since, as I mentioned, most Windsor pizza places aren’t downtown locations where you sit down and eat. However, this pizza was easily one of the best I’ve ever had! This time I went with Kyle’s preferred toppings of pepperoni (yes, shredded), green pepper and banana peppers. This worked out well for us both, and I found the sauce at Naples to be superior to the others I had tried. The crust was thin, and not particularly crispy or floppy – a nice balance. I really loved this pie.

I give much credit and love to Windsor as a Canadian pizza town. Just don’t order the mushrooms…

Naples Pizza is also available in other Ontario locations, such as London.

Links for your persual:

Capri Pizza

Riverside Restaurant and Tavern

Naples Pizza


  1. I only like the original location for Capri. I have never been a fan of their slices unless they are fresh out of the oven. Next time you are in Windsor you need an introduction to panzerotti. There are also three other pizza places you need to try – Arcata, Antonio’s (which claims to be the first “Windsor Pizza” place and the members bar at the Caboto club.


  2. The best pizza in Windsor is at the Caboto Club.
    Most authentic Italian pizza made in a brick oven. As I’ve made many travels to Europe, this pizza is very much comparable to the pizza’s made in Italy.
    If you ever do go there, order their nutella pizza for dessert!


    • Hi there, thanks for stopping in! Naples-style pizza sure is getting popular, and I also had someone recommend I go to Terra Cotta. I wish I could have eaten up all the pizza in Windsor, but I was trying to cover pizza that is most representative of Windsor. “Windsor-style”, if you will. Next time I’m in town, I’ll make sure to check out Caboto Club. Thanks for the recommendation!


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  4. You have to go to the original Capri pizza location on dougall ave. And order the pizza in the dining room.
    They call their pepperoni “sausage” as well.
    I recommend that next time you’re in Windsor


    • The worst pizza in Windsor is better than the best pizza in Calgary. I agree with Tara, Capri pizza on Dougall is incredible, it’s the best of the best.

      It is legendary as it’s customers have been known to have it delivered all across Canada (I used to have whoever was visiting me in Calgary bring one on the plane) and even other countries/continents. True story …


  5. You didn’t even go anywhere near the best pizza places in Windsor. Naples is probably the best on the list and It’s only good for being so cheap. If you wanted just an introduction to Windsor pizza than you should have gone to the restaurant which is literally named Windsor Pizza. Then after that you would branch out to some of the better places which only deliver to small areas like Armando’s, Marco’s, and honestly just about any pizza shop which isn’t one of the ones you listed.


    • This is an old blog post from 2012. I was backpacking across Canada at the time and stayed with a friend from Windsor. Neither of us had a car, and it is my understanding that the best pizza places are mostly in the suburbs and not downtown. So I was somewhat limited by delivery zones, bus trips, friends’ recommendations and time restraints. By no means is this an exposé of the best pizza in Windsor. It is an account of my first encounter with it, my impressions and discoveries. I can’t wait to go back to Windsor to really do a thorough pizza quest! Thank you for your recommendations 🙂


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