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Guest Quest: @hfxfoodreviews Peninsula Pizza Project 2020

This is a guest post by @hfxfoodreviews, known for their “easily digestible reviews”. I am honoured that they have chosen my platform to showcase their quest for the best pizza slice on the Halifax Peninsula. Enjoy! 

How do you define “good pizza”? We believe the most important attributes are taste, size and price – with taste being paramount, but they all matter. Pizza that tastes great but is too small and/or costs too much is a bummer. It’s even worse when big and/or cheap slices taste like burnt cardboard. We’ve all had a few of those… #instantregret

Inspired by Eat This Town’s signature food quests, we spent the summer of 2020 sampling slices across peninsular Halifax and asking three important questions: Is it good, is it big, and is it cheap? We included 22 local pizzerias offering slices to go (i.e. no major national chains), plus four variety stores serving fresh slices (facing off in a qualifying round first), pitting them against each other in a deliciously vicious battle.

We realize that taste is subjective, but we tried to be as objective and methodical as possible by comparing the taste, size and price using a defined rubric – more on that in a second. Some battles were closer than others, but it ultimately came down to which slice we’d prefer to eat again.

We’ve finally finished carbo-loading, and even though we have our own website, we’re honoured to reveal the results of the @hfxfoodreviews Peninsula Pizza Project 2020 right here on Eat This Town!

Overall Winner:


1735 Grafton St.

In the end, Alexandra’s reigned supreme, and was also the only slice to appear in the Top 10 in each of our good, big and cheap rankings.

Visit @hfxfoodreviews for reviews of each slice, a deeper dive into the data, and more information on how the @hfxfoodreviews Peninsula Pizza Project 2020 worked. For now, here are the key takeaways:

Tastiest Slices:

1. Yeah Yeahs

1663 Barrington St.

Most tasty of the pizza slices: Yeah Yeahs

An incredibly tasty pizza slice with a fluffy, crunchy crust. It was so good, we were genuinely sad when it was gone. (See full review).

2. Morris East Slice Shop
(See Review)

3. Alexandra’s
(See Review)

Biggest Slices

1. Sicilian

 5245 Blowers St.

The largest of the pizza slices: Sicilian

Fresh out of the oven, the pizza slice was big and very tasty. Just as good in the light of day as it is at 2am! (See full review).

2. Alexandra’s
(See Review)

3. Papa Mario’s
(See Review)

Cheapest Slices:

1. Kit Kat Pizza

2314 Gottingen St.

The cheapest of the pizza slices: Kit Kat

The pizza slice itself was just ok, but it was quite big and super cheap – just $3, taxes in! (See full review).

2. Big Al’s Pizza
(See Review) 

3. Jubilee Junction & Rush Hour Pizza (tie)
(Review of Jubilee Junction)
(Review of Rush Hour Pizza)

Pro Tips:

If you want a good and big slice, try Alexandra’s, Papa Mario’s or Sicilian.

If you want a good and cheap slice, try Alexandra’s or The Big Wedge.

If you want a big and cheap slice, try Alexandra’s, Big Al’s Pizza, Kit Kat Pizza, or Shadia’s Pizza.

A slice from The Big Wedge – good and cheap!

J & M rebooted @hfxfoodreviews this summer after a lengthy hiatus.
Since 2010, they have reviewed more than 150 local eateries.
Check out their website, or follow them on Twitter
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