Halifax Taco Quest: The Classics

Last month I commenced my Halifax Taco Quest, as 2019 seems to be the year that Halifax finally gets its “taco boom”. We haven’t had much of a craze since the gourmet burger/fro-yo boom, but here we are in 2019 freaking out about tacos and doughnuts. I started out with a Vegan Taco Quest, where newcomer El Nino kicked some […]

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Halifax Pizza
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Halifax Pizza Quest: Vegan Edition

Eat This Town will be entirely vegan/vegetarian this month of May! I’ll be posting some fun vegan content, while committed to an ovo-lacto vegetarian diet. Follow along as I discover delicious alternatives to animal-based foods, while reducing my carbon footprint! The Pizza Quest has taken me all over Halifax, from Cole Harbour to Lower Sackville to Spryfield. I plan on […]

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Halifax Sandwich Showcase
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Clubhouse Sandwich 101

I’ve never been a regular consumer of the clubhouse sandwich. When people would ask me to do a clubhouse quest, I would shrug and say, “Club house sandwiches are boring. They’re what you order if you’re playing it safe.” Or if you’re really hungry. There’s a reason they’re popular; they’re filling, they’re reliable, they are visually striking with their multiple […]

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Food Quests Hamburgers Misc.
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The Quest for the Best Fast Food Burger

When Halifax ReTales announced that he was gonna do a fast food burger tour in preparation for Halifax Burger Week, I was so down. His plan was to sample and evaluate a bargain burger from each of the 6 major chains. He even brought a scale to weigh the burgers to compare price/weight/quality. This is something I’ve always wanted to […]

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