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The Quest for the Best Fast Food Burger

When Halifax ReTales announced that he was gonna do a fast food burger tour in preparation for Halifax Burger Week, I was so down. His plan was to sample and evaluate a bargain burger from each of the 6 major chains. He even brought a scale to weigh the burgers to compare price/weight/quality. This is something I’ve always wanted to […]

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Spryfield Pizza Quest

The long anticipated Spryfield Pizza Quest has finally been completed! Thanks to our hosts, Eva and Christian, who offered up their new abode for our Spryfield conquest. For this quest we compared: Now We’re Cookin’ 179 Hebridean Dr, Herring Cove Crystal Pizza 386 Herring Cove Rd, Halifax Herring Cove Pizza 16 Dentith Rd, Halifax Uncle Buck’s 5 Dentith Rd, Halifax […]

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Halifax Nova Scotia Pizza Pizza
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Dartmouth Pizza Quest: East Dartmouth

To see the rest of the Dartmouth Pizza Quest, check out my posts on Downtown Dartmouth, Woodside/Eastern Passage, Cole Harbour and North End Dartmouth. Welcome to the last leg of the Dartmouth Pizza Quest! If you are scratching your head at my “East Dartmouth” designation, this is the area east of Lake Mic Mac and Lake Charles, with Main St. and […]

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Halifax Sushi
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All-You-Can-Eat Sushi Quest: An Introduction

All-you-can-eat sushi: a dining experience that encourages you to abandon all good sense and etiquette. A cuisine that is still just “foreign” enough that many people have not yet explored beyond the maki roll. A dining format that is clearly North American. Yes, we are taking a modest cultural cuisine and making it full-on ridiculous. A proper sushi session ought to begin with […]

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