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Windsor-Style Pizza

When I lived in Calgary, I worked with several individuals from the small city of Windsor, Ontario. Relying largely on Detroit’s automotive industry, or lack thereof, Windsor folks are represented amongst the work-hungry migrants who find themselves in Calgary. These friends of mine taught me things I didn’t know – many things! Such as: Windsor is the southernmost city in […]

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On The Road
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Newfoundland: 6 Unique Foods

I recently spent some time in Newfoundland and fell in love with the place. It’s rugged beauty, friendly hospitality, culture of music, food, and parties are definitely worth a return visit. I made sure to eat my way through this amazing place, and here are 6 things I had never eaten (or even heard of) before visiting. For the best […]

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The Beginning.

After publishing a trial blog based in Calgary, Alberta for several months, and basically living as a Calgarian for 3 years, I decided to pack it up and move back to Nova Scotia. I didn’t just hang up my cowboy hat and fly one-way-direct, however. Instead, I took the scenic route with a very large backpack and various bus tickets […]

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