Best Meals of 2017

Whoosh! There goes 2017! I spent much of the year celebrating Canada 150 with my Iconic Foods of Canada series in which I partnered with bloggers from all over Canada, asking them to write about a unique regional food in their province. See the top 10 iconic foods for each province here. On Canada Day I published a list of […]

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Best Meals of 2016

It’s been a doozy of a year with some great highs (Go Cubs!) and some lows (ya know… let’s not dwell). I took trips to Alberta, Ireland, Baie Sainte-Marie (Clare) and Cape Breton, started a new relationship (hi LuShark!) and won the title of Best Food Blogger in The Coast’s Best of Halifax, alongside good company: Life of Burgers and […]

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Irish Pubs

Also in this series: A Full Irish Breakfast Ireland: Street Foods When North Americans think of Irish pubs, too often our only point of reference is the shiny theme pubs swelling with cultural appropriation. But what is an Irish pub really? I went to a ton of pubs in Ireland, strictly for research, of course! Most were traditional pubs dating […]

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Nova Scotia Food Profiles: Pepperoni

People¬†who have never been to Nova Scotia probably don’t realize how popular pepperoni is in this province. Not just any pepperoni, mind you, but Brothers-style pepperoni. It can be found in pubs, pizza shops, delis and grocery stores. People stock up on it to bring back with them to Alberta or Ontario. It has really become an iconic Nova Scotian […]

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Nova Scotia Food Profiles: Potato Skins

Out in the big bad world potato skins are scooped out potato wedges or boats neatly arranged and dressed with cheese, onion and bacon. This sorta thing. They were purportedly introduced by T.G.I. Fridays in the 1970s. But in Nova Scotia we do things a little differently… Potato skins in Nova Scotia tend to use actual¬†potato peelings/skins, which are spread […]

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Lunenburg Nova Scotia Pubs
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The Knot Pub

It’s the holidays and I am enjoying the quiet rural life of my second home, in the south shore of Nova Scotia, just 10 minutes away from historic Lunenburg and zero minutes away from the ocean. When you think of small town Nova Scotia, you don’t often think of culinary awesomeness – but then again, one is often pleasantly surprised. […]

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Food Quests Hamburgers Local Gems
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Ace Burger Co.

Halifax Burger Quest Category: Gourmet-Style This post was supposed to happen a week ago when I made the unfortunate assumption that Ace Burger would be open for both days of City Harvest. It was a very disappointing Sunday, when it seemed as though no restaurants were open in north end Halifax. So heads up burger eaters! Sunday is not your […]

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