Irish Pubs

Also in this series: A Full Irish Breakfast Ireland: Street Foods When North Americans think of Irish pubs, too often our only point of reference is the shiny theme pubs swelling with cultural appropriation. But what is an Irish pub really? I went to a ton of pubs in Ireland, strictly for research, of course! Most were traditional pubs dating […]

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Halifax Hamburgers Pubs
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Rock Bottom Brew Pub

I’m going to take a break from smoked meat sandwiches for a bit and return to burger questing! I have had some inquiries and recommendations concerning various hamburgers in Halifax, which I haven’t yet gotten to because I was focusing on “gourmet-style” burgers. Now I am going to shift my focus to pub-style burgers, and I’m also accepting recommendations if […]

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Lunenburg Nova Scotia Pubs
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The Knot Pub

It’s the holidays and I am enjoying the quiet rural life of my second home, in the south shore of Nova Scotia, just 10 minutes away from historic Lunenburg and zero minutes away from the ocean. When you think of small town Nova Scotia, you don’t often think of culinary awesomeness – but then again, one is often pleasantly surprised. […]

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