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Iconic Foods of Canada: British Columbia

British Columbia is arguably the most beautiful and diverse province in Canada, from the rainforests of Haida Gwaii to the Rocky Mountain towns of Fernie and Golden. There’s the Gulf Islands, where the orcas swim, and Osoyoos, where the cacti grow. The Alaska Highway begins at Dawson Creek, while the Kootenay Pass will get you to Nelson. From the Okanagan […]

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Canadian Food Saskatchewan
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Iconic Foods of Canada: Saskatchewan

Of the prairie provinces, Saskatchewan is the MOST prairie. It’s the flattest, wheatiest, and squarest of them all. Sounds kinda like a breakfast cereal, amirite? Speaking of breakfast, Saskatchewan brings home the bread. Literally. It is the “breadbasket of Canada” and one of the world’s largest exporters of wheat. It’s also loaded with chickpeas, barley, rye, oats, mustard, canola, flax […]

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Iconic Foods of Canada: New Brunswick

New Brunswick is like the middle child of the Maritimes. It is quieter, more humble, and often doesn’t get as much credit as Nova Scotia or PEI when it comes to tourism prospects, despite having some pretty cool stuff (including only-in- New Brunswick foods). You could say New Brunswick is the strong, silent type (unless it’s a kitchen party). New […]

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Iconic Foods of Canada: Nova Scotia

Canada is turning 150 on July 1st, 2017 and in the spirit of celebrating her vast lands and cultures, Eat This Town will transform into Eat This Country for the next few weeks! I will be showcasing each province and territory’s unique contributions to our culinary landscape, with the help of fellow bloggers from all across Canada. Be sure to […]

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Iconic Foods of Canada: Prince Edward Island

Prince Edward Island is the smallest province in Canada, connected by a 12.9 kilometre bridge over the warm waters of the Northumberland Strait. They call it “Canada’s Food Island” for its bounty of fruits, vegetables, meats, dairy and seafood. Check out the Culinary Trail to experience the exciting foods of PEI. PEI is the Birthplace of Confederation, home of Anne […]

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Canadian Food Newfoundland
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Iconic Foods of Canada: Newfoundland & Labrador

Newfoundland & Labrador is Canada’s easternmost province, known for its ocean cliffs, icebergs, and those lovely windswept clotheslines. Many of Newfoundland’s culinary traditions are founded in resourcefulness and thrift: wild game, salted meats, tinned cream, root vegetables, mustard pickles, hard bread, and of course, cost-efficient bologna. Wherever you find a Newfoundlander, you’ll find downhome cooking and a musical pride. Meanwhile […]

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Hamburgers On The Road Winnipeg
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The Winnipeg Fatboy

This is a guest post written by one of my most dedicated Food Questers, Denton Froese. He recently took a trip to Western Canada and investigated the Winnipeg Fatboy for me. Thanks, Denton! Corydon Avenue in Winnipeg is marked as “Corso Italia” – it was originally the “Little Italy” district in Winnipeg, but over the years, it’s grown to host […]

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