Halifax Misc.
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A Few of My Favourite Things (2019)

Every year I write a round-up of my best meals, but this year I’ve decided to make a little list of some of the best things to eat in Halifax and a few tasty things I’ve eaten in other locales. You’ll find some old favourites, new discoveries and stuff I’ve been excited about in 2019! You might notice that I’m […]

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Halifax Vegetarian
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Top 10 Vegan Junk Foods in Halifax

I’ve always noticed that vegan & vegetarian restaurants seem to serve healthy food. Even a standard burger is likely to have some sort of sprout on it, and I’ll bet ya anything it comes with roasted potatoes or a kale salad! Look – plant-based diets are generally pretty healthy, and the people who follow them are generally into self/world-improvement. But even […]

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Halifax Sandwich Showcase
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Clubhouse Sandwich 101

I’ve never been a regular consumer of the clubhouse sandwich. When people would ask me to do a clubhouse quest, I would shrug and say, “Club house sandwiches are boring. They’re what you order if you’re playing it safe.” Or if you’re really hungry. There’s a reason they’re popular; they’re filling, they’re reliable, they are visually striking with their multiple […]

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Asian Food Food Quests Halifax
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HFX Ramen Quest: The Final!

The Ramen Quest was a bit of an experiment, as I had never done a head-to-head tournament-style quest before, nor had I been tasked with such impossible logistics. It is easy to share pizza and nachos with a group, but have you ever tried to split up bowls of noodles and broth? Who gets the egg?! Then there is the question […]

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Halifax Misc. Nova Scotia
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Best Meals of 2018

Another year of blogging done and it’s time to discuss some of the best restaurants in Halifax. Or at least, my favourite meals of 2018. The first chunk of this post will deal with restaurants in Nova Scotia and there is a section at the end for my meals “on the road”. I had a stellar year in 2018! I […]

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Best Meals of 2017

Whoosh! There goes 2017! I spent much of the year celebrating Canada 150 with my Iconic Foods of Canada series in which I partnered with bloggers from all over Canada, asking them to write about a unique regional food in their province. See the top 10 iconic foods for each province here. On Canada Day I published a list of […]

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Best Meals of 2016

It’s been a doozy of a year with some great highs (Go Cubs!) and some lows (ya know… let’s not dwell). I took trips to Alberta, Ireland, Baie Sainte-Marie (Clare) and Cape Breton, started a new relationship (hi LuShark!) and won the title of Best Food Blogger in The Coast’s Best of Halifax, alongside good company: Life of Burgers and […]

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Maritimes Misc. Nova Scotia
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Best Meals of 2015

I mostly blog about pizza and other casual grub but once a year I like to take this opportunity to show and tell my fancier meals. I try to get out to a nice restaurant at least once a month (I think I averaged 1.6 per month this year). I’ll just talk about my best Maritime meals in this post. Rest […]

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