Halifax Sandwich Showcase
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Clubhouse Sandwich 101

I’ve never been a regular consumer of the clubhouse sandwich. When people would ask me to do a clubhouse quest, I would shrug and say, “Club house sandwiches are boring. They’re what you order if you’re playing it safe.” Or if you’re really hungry. There’s a reason they’re popular; they’re filling, they’re reliable, they are visually striking with their multiple […]

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Sandwich Showcase: Philly Steak Pita at Tarek’s

Tarek’s Cafe 3045 Robie St, Halifax This was my first time eating at Tarek’s despite a constant stream of recommendations coming from my social media channels. I was starting to feel not just like a bad blogger but a bad Haligonian. “What’s good?” I’d ask. “Everything” was usually the reply, but I’ve been trying to zone in on certain key […]

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Sandwich Showcase: The Dartmouth Hangover at The Canteen

The Canteen  66 Ochterloney St, Dartmouth (Closed Sundays) If you haven’t been to The Canteen, sandwich lover, you’re really missing out. This brainchild of Fiesty Chef, Renée Lavallée, is most coveted by those across the harbour. Hidden above Two If By Sea, on Dartmouth’s Ochterloney Street (and soon moving to Portland St), this is arguably the best place for sandwiches on the east […]

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Sandwich Showcase: Pork Meatball Banh Mi from Indochine

Indochine Banh Mi 1551 South Park Street, Halifax Indochine Banh Mi is Halifax’s premium Vietnamese sub shop, also specializing in bun, phở , fusion tacos and bubble tea smoothies. Owner, Liz Smith, was inspired by the banh mi shops of Calgary and decided to open her own shop with a decidedly Halifax style. The emphasis is on fresh, local ingredients […]

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Ireland: Street Foods

In this series so far: A Full Irish Breakfast Irish Pubs So now that I’ve talked about breakfast and pub food, I’m ready to discuss a few lesser known Irish foods like chicken filet rolls and tacos chips. I know what you’re thinking – doesn’t sound very Irish, right? Well, one might be similarly surprised to discover the hot dog’s popularity in […]

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Sandwich Showcase: Meatball Panini from Ciboulette

This is another sandwich recommended long ago by Halifax ReTales on his 101 Best Things to Put in Your Mouth in HRM (2013). This tiny café is affiliated with next-door neighbour, Chives Canadian Bistro. Meatball Panini with Aged Cheddar and Tomato – Bacon Relish ($8, Combo $11). Bread from Boulangerie La Vendéenne is grilled to a perfect crispness. The sandwich is stuffed […]

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Sandwich Showcase: Vesuvius Sandwich at The Italian Market

The Italian Market 6061 Young St, Halifax I first heard about this sandwich from The 101 Best Things to Put in Your Mouth in HRM, a list compiled by Halifax ReTales in 2013. That list mentions a few notable sandwiches, and was probably the inspiration for my Sandwich Showcase. Just this year ReTales, still a lover of sandwiches, has started his […]

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Alberta Calgary On The Road
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The Vietnamese Subs of Calgary

I recently critiqued some of the donairs in Calgary, as I don’t believe Calgary to be a great donair city. But what Calgary lacks in donair culture they make up for with Vietnamese subs! I would argue that the banh mi is Calgary’s #1 street food – that it is more prevalent here than other cities in Canada and a […]

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