Halifax Sandwich Showcase

Sandwich Showcase: Smoked Meat at European Pantry

European Pantry
6516 Chebucto Rd, Halifax
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European Pantry is a small grocery with a big ‘ol cheese fridge, vats of olives, and fresh loaves of house-baked bread. What I didn’t see was a menu. So I asked: “I heard you guys make a swell smoked meat sandwich?”

There are two sizes: small ($6) and large ($9) with your choice of mustard: spicy, Dijon or yellow. LuShark and I decided to split a large sandwich with Dijon mustard, which was served with lovely shards of Putter’s crunchy dill pickles.

European Pantry

European Pantry sources their meat from Montreal’s Delstar and steams it for 4 hours. Sliced thin and piled high, it had a contemplative, peppery allure….

The fresh baked bread was soft and delicate, barely containing the steaming meat.

Infinite meaty layers stacked up to sandwich heaven! I love the simplicity and generosity of this sandwich.

I feel like European Pantry is one of those spots that flies under radars, a passing curiosity, invisible to the untrained eye. Modest and neighbourly, it truly is a hidden gem.

This post is also brought to you by my favourite fish shop, processor & distributor:

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  1. Oh my goodness. The best smoked meat sandwiches in the world. Topped with a side of dijon mustard and giant dill pickles. #1. Definitely will be back for sure


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