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The Best Things I Ate and Drank in Portugal

To be completely honest, Portugal was not on my travel radar. The Side Dish suggested that we go to Spain for our honeymoon, but when we realized that Portugal would stretch our dollar even further we started fantasizing about this mysterious country with its painted tiles and rugged coastline. Since this was our honeymoon it was decidedly not culinary tourism, […]

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Ireland: Street Foods

In this series so far: A Full Irish Breakfast Irish Pubs So now that I’ve talked about breakfast and pub food, I’m ready to discuss a few lesser known Irish foods like chicken filet rolls and tacos chips. I know what you’re thinking – doesn’t sound very Irish, right? Well, one¬†might be similarly¬†surprised to discover the hot dog’s popularity in […]

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Irish Pubs

Also in this series: A Full Irish Breakfast Ireland: Street Foods When North Americans think of Irish pubs, too often our only point of reference is the shiny theme pubs swelling with cultural appropriation. But what is an Irish pub really? I went to a ton of pubs in Ireland, strictly for research, of course! Most were traditional pubs dating […]

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