Halifax Misc. Nova Scotia
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Best Meals of 2018

Another year of blogging done and it’s time to discuss some of the best restaurants in Halifax. Or at least, my favourite meals of 2018. The first chunk of this post will deal with restaurants in Nova Scotia and there is a section at the end for my meals “on the road”. I had a stellar year in 2018! I […]

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Alberta Calgary Pizza
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Calgary Pizza Adventures

When I lived in Calgary (2009-2012) I had to make some adjustments to my lifestyle: long commutes, long underwear, and longing for garlic fingers! I learned that pizza shops make pizza – not poutine, nachos, burgers or fish ‘n chips. I learned that shrimp goes on pizza and that ranch dressing goes on everything. I also discovered that many of the […]

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Alberta Canadian Food
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Iconic Foods of Canada: Alberta

Oh, to be Alberta bound. Some go for the oil jobs, others for the mountains, (myself, for the wondrous foods of Alberta!) but there’s something for everyone. There’s Star Trek and Dinosaurs! There’s salt springs and skiing! There’s ranch land and rodeos! Hell, up until last year there was even a gay rodeo. Alberta is a great road trip province, […]

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Alberta Calgary
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5 Wicked Bowls of Soup in Calgary

I was introduced to pho when I lived in Calgary and it was a life altering experience as I had no idea that noodle soups could be so delicious! (Prior encounters were strictly of the chicken noodle variety). There are literally pho restaurants all over Calgary. It’s hard to go any distance without finding one. Though pho was my first […]

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Alberta Calgary On The Road
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The Vietnamese Subs of Calgary

I recently critiqued some of the donairs in Calgary, as I don’t believe Calgary to be a great donair city. But what Calgary lacks in donair culture they make up for with Vietnamese subs! I would argue that the banh mi is Calgary’s #1 street food – that it is more prevalent here than other cities in Canada and a […]

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Alberta Calgary Donairs On The Road
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Calgary Donair Quest

Did you know that Albertans eat more donairs than anywhere else in Canada? I know, right?! Edmonton, the donair capital of Western Canada, even considered making donair its official food, but it looks like they’ve conceded that it belongs to Halifax. The migration of the donair to Alberta is a mysterious phenomenon but there is a generally assumed connection to Maritime migrants […]

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Alberta Beer Calgary On The Road
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Calgary’s Beer Scene: Breweries & Bars

I lived in Calgary from 2009-2012, during which time there were only 4 microbreweries and brew pubs: Big Rock, Wild Rose, Brew Brothers (now defunct) and Brewsters (a Western Canadian chain of brew pubs). Alberta has been a little slow finding its way into the craft beer industry due to some laws that were unfavourable to small batch brewers.  Minimum […]

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Alberta Calgary On The Road Pizza
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Calgary Greek-Style Pizza

I lumbered into Calgary on a Greyhound bus one summer morning in 2009. I would end up living there for 3 years, but my first moments were filled with disorientation and culture shock, as I stumbled through the wasteland of strip malls, box stores, and chain restaurants grasping for something familiar, before discovering and understanding the real Calgary culinary scene. This […]

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