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5 Types of Burritos on Spring Garden Road

You could say the burrito is a perfect food. It’s a whole meal wrapped up in a tortilla for easy transport and extra carbs. If you take away the tortilla, you still have a feast of meat, rice, beans and veggies (a.k.a. “burrito bowl”) and the fun part is customizing all of this into a personalized package. You can make […]

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Halifax Local Gems
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Burritos at Dee Dee’s Ice Cream

Last week I lamented the absence of good burritos in Halifax. This was, perhaps, premature. I have not yet tried Chaechie’s Grill or Que Tal, as my feet don’t often carry me to Bayer’s Lake or Portland Hills. I am stuck downtown with the over-hyped Burrito Jaxx, and the Subway-esque Cantina Mexicana, which is always out of guacamole. Sorry downtown […]

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On The Road USA
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San Francisco Mission-Style Burritos

The American burrito was essentially invented in San Francisco’s Mission district, which is a colourful Mexican/Latino neighbourhood that has a ridiculous amount of taquerias per capita. A burrito is really a whole meal wrapped in a tortilla, and was originally an effective way to sustain farm workers for a long hard day. When the burrito met the American belly, it […]

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