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Burritos at Dee Dee’s Ice Cream

Last week I lamented the absence of good burritos in Halifax. This was, perhaps, premature. I have not yet tried Chaechie’s Grill or Que Tal, as my feet don’t often carry me to Bayer’s Lake or Portland Hills. I am stuck downtown with the over-hyped Burrito Jaxx, and the Subway-esque Cantina Mexicana, which is always out of guacamole. Sorry downtown burrito fans! I wanted to be impressed, I really did. But there is good news! I have found burrito love in the north end, at Dee Dee’s Ice Cream. IMG_8332 From the outside, it looks like any other grilled Halifax burrito. But inside there is pure love! I could see the tortillas laid flat on the counter, the toppings distributed with such care and symmetry. I didn’t have to hover over my burrito as it was being made, nit-picking over this and that. A classic veggie burrito ($6.60) has rice, fresh salsa, local organic refried beans & lettuce. You can add hot sauce or banana peppers free of charge, or upgrade to the works (+ cheese, sour cream & guacamole) for $8.75. Local organic refried beans FTW! … but lettuce? I have to admit, I don’t think lettuce belongs in a burrito, but it was so crunchy and fresh at Dee Dee’s that I actually enjoyed it.


Veggie burrito with the works at Dee Dee’s

You can get local free-range chicken or grass-fed beef in your burrito for $9.60 ($11.75 with the works). I love the emphasis here on wholesome local ingredients, and I love that I don’t have to interfere with the burrito-making-process. I could just sit back and admire the quaint little kitchen and neighbourhood feel of the place, and contemplate what flavour of ice cream would follow up my meal. As for the burrito, it was delicious! It was balanced, simple, sturdy, and wholesome. I recommend the addition of hot sauce for that extra kick. For dessert I tried a scoop of vanilla and a scoop of the Mexican chocolate, which is perked up with cayanne and cinnamon. My burrito buddy tried the mango sorbet and the raspberry passionfruit (I think). We took our ice creams to a picnic table in the commons and watched the roller skaters in the oval. It was a lovely local day! IMG_8341

Dee Dee’s Ice Cream
5668 Cornwallis St. Halifax, NS
(902) 407-6614
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