Food Quests Hamburgers
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Relish Gourmet Burgers

Halifax Burger Quest Category: Gourmet-Style Welcome to the first entry of my Halifax Burger Quest! Here is how it’s gonna go down: I will be reviewing burgers from 3 different categories: Gourmet-Style, Pub Style, and Diner/Drive-In Style. I will also review the vegetarian burgers at each location. I don’t like numerical ratings, but I will eventually declare the winner and […]

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On The Road USA
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Detroit Coney Island Hot Dogs

Hamburgers and hot dogs, despite having their origins in German cuisine, are as American as apple pie (which, ironically, is also not uniquely American). But America is the champion of hot dogs! Every region has its own variation. For example, in upstate New York, they eat “Michigans”, but in Michigan they eat “Coneys”. To make matters worse, they don’t eat […]

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Maritimes Nova Scotia
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Unique Foods of Nova Scotia

After writing my post about the unique foods of Newfoundland, I was inspired to do one for Nova Scotia. I know what you’re thinking; oh! foods of Nova Scotia! Mussels, scallops, haddock, clams and the omnipresent lobster. Yes, these are all celebrated foods of Nova Scotia, and yes, they are fantastic. But you can get quality seafood anywhere there is a decent […]

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On The Road Ontario Pizza Windsor
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Windsor-Style Pizza

When I lived in Calgary, I worked with several individuals from the small city of Windsor, Ontario. Relying largely on Detroit’s automotive industry, or lack thereof, Windsor folks are represented amongst the work-hungry migrants who find themselves in Calgary. These friends of mine taught me things I didn’t know – many things! Such as: Windsor is the southernmost city in […]

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On The Road
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Newfoundland: 6 Unique Foods

I recently spent some time in Newfoundland and fell in love with the place. It’s rugged beauty, friendly hospitality, culture of music, food, and parties are definitely worth a return visit. I made sure to eat my way through this amazing place, and here are 6 things I had never eaten (or even heard of) before visiting. For the best […]

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The Beginning.

After publishing a trial blog based in Calgary, Alberta for several months, and basically living as a Calgarian for 3 years, I decided to pack it up and move back to Nova Scotia. I didn’t just hang up my cowboy hat and fly one-way-direct, however. Instead, I took the scenic route with a very large backpack and various bus tickets […]

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