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Fish and Chips at Durty Nelly’s

If you are just tuning in now, heads up – I’m on a quest for the best fish and chips at downtown Halifax pubs. I’ve already reviewed the Resolutes Club and Henry House. We are moving on now to Durty Nelly’s.

Durty Nelly’s opened back in 2009 with much fanfare, boasting that the whole bar was designed and built in Ireland and shipped to Halifax. As far as pubs go, it’s a little more polished and the food leans toward the gastropub side. Durty’s is also a bustling nightlife spot, (or it was, when night life was still bustling). I’m not one for crowded pubs anyway, so I tucked in to Durty Nelly’s in the quiet afternoon after getting a rapid covid test (negative!) at the Convention Centre across the street.

The fish and chips is $15 and the menu says it is “fried to order”.

Fish and Chips at Durty Nelly's

The tartar sauce gets an A+ from me, and I admired the vinegar-based coleslaw, which was fresh and light, cutting magically through the grease.

The fries were the weakest element of the dish. They definitely could have been crispier, but they sopped up the malt vinegar well and made a good accompaniment for the fish.

The batter had no mush or excessive crunch, and was well seasoned, barely clinging to the fish, which was fresh, moist, and delicate. Altogether, this was a most delicious fish and chips. It was near perfection, and my favourite so far.

Durty Nelly’s
1645 Argyle St, Halifax
Rating: Right Some Good

(Rating Scale: WTF, Meh, Good, Some Good, Right Some Good!)

What are your favourite fish and chips in downtown Halifax?

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