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Fish and Chips at Acadian (revisted)

I last reviewed Acadian Fish and Chips in 2014, which, living on the peninsula without a car at the time, required bumming a ride. Nowadays, I road trip everywhere with The Side Dish, but we still haven’t had a reason to go to Hammonds Plains. Well, she recently had to go out that way for work, so I hopped in the car to relive those fond memories I had of greasy fish and fries on the side of the highway.

Since my last visit, Acadian has gone through some changes. At one point they opened (then closed) a second location in Spryfield. In 2017 I heard that they were sold. In 2018, they briefly rebranded to Acadiano’s, but after just a few a months the Acadian sign was back, and eventually they rebranded as Acadian Fish and Chips & Enzo Pizzeria.

I ordered a 1pc fish and chips ($10.99), but was presented with a 2pc.

It comes in a nice little picnic box, with coleslaw and tartar sauce. Unfortunately, the tartar sauce was the Kraft packets, which is a sad departure from the house-made tartar sauce I enjoyed in 2014.

The coleslaw was fine, but no big deal (coleslaw rarely is).

The batter was exceptional, though. It was flavourful and texturally pleasing, with no mushy interface. It snugly enveloped the fish, without sliding off. A truly perfect batter.

The fish was slightly on the dry side, but within my range of acceptability.

I’m partial to really moist, fresh fish (and house-made tartar sauce), so it’s hard for me to give this a perfect score. But it was, in fact, one of the better fish and chips I’ve had in a while.

The pizza wasn’t too shabby either.

Acadian Fish and Chips
1990 Hammonds Plains Rd, Hammonds Plains, NS
Some Good.

(Rating Scale: WTF, Meh, Good, Some Good, Right Some Good!)

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