The Beginning.

After publishing a trial blog based in Calgary, Alberta for several months, and basically living as a Calgarian for 3 years, I decided to pack it up and move back to Nova Scotia. I didn’t just hang up my cowboy hat and fly one-way-direct, however. Instead, I took the scenic route with a very large backpack and various bus tickets and hitched rides/couches. I did a big U-turn through British Columbia as far west as Tofino, and then dove south into Seattle. I hopped on a train for 45 hours chugging across the American landscape until we parked in Chicago. I crossed the Detroit/Windsor tunnel back into Canada and enjoyed the views and wines of the Niagara Peninsula. Then I shot home in a car with a two day pit stop in Montreal. With barely enough time to catch my breath, I was in an airplane to Newfloundland. And once again, to New York City.

Let’s just say that I love to travel. I love it so much I have enrolled myself into Tourism school. I am also in love with Nova Scotia, and especially Halifax. Those 3 years in the rolling plains and foothills, I suffered withdrawal from the ocean. I missed the local produce, seafood, wines, art and music. I am so happy to be home. Yet now I find myself missing Calgary pizza and our late night excursions for authentic Cantonese food. I miss slurping pho noodles with my ski buddies, and scarfing down Viet Subs before some lazy rafting on the Bow River. You see… food is connected to every memory. I still dream about ┬áthat tuna tacone in Victoria, that hamburger in Chicago, and that Coney Island hot dog in Detroit.

Let’s just say I love food. I love it so much I take pictures of it and do research about where I should eat. I tour around and eat things. I go on food quests to find out where the best hamburgers are in a given city. I scope out new restaurants and ethnic cuisines. I consider what foods are most representative of, and unique to, a city or region. I compare and contrast familiar foods across different regions. I take pictures of it all, and now, (lucky for you!), I am once again treading into the world of blogging.

One disclaimer: All of this eating and travelling does affect my body! I have gained 10lbs in 1.5 months. In my off time I eat a largely vegetarian diet and work out regularly. My love of food extends to healthy, wholesome, nutritious food and an active lifestyle. It’s fun to pig out sometimes, but nothing is more important than the health of the body and mind. Buy local! Read labels! Vote with your dollars and decrease the demand for factory farmed meats and GMO and pesticide ridden produce.

That is all!

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