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Iconic Foods of Canada: Alberta

Oh, to be Alberta bound. Some go for the oil jobs, others for the mountains, (myself, for the wondrous foods of Alberta!) but there’s something for everyone. There’s Star Trek and Dinosaurs! There’s salt springs and skiing! There’s ranch land and rodeos! Hell, up until last year there was even a gay rodeo. Alberta is a great road trip province, […]

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Canadian Food
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150 Canadian Foods for Canada 150!

What is Canadian cuisine? Is it just a mirror of American cuisine with all of its spaghetti and hamburgers, but none of its amazing barbecue? Is Canadian cuisine a multicultural potluck or a creole? Is it more defined by our wild foods and agriculture (farm-to-table) or by our street foods and family traditions? Is there any unifying notion of “Canadian […]

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Iconic Foods of Canada: Manitoba

Manitoba is the gateway to Western Canada, but the the province is actually situated at the very center of the country. There is even a sign on the Trans Canada Highway declaring the exact longitudinal center of Canada. From the train rider’s perspective, Manitoba is what happens when you leave the Canadian Shield and things start to get marshy. Manitoba […]

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Canadian Food Ontario
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Iconic Foods of Canada: Ontario

Ontario is the largest province in Canada, in terms of both population and size. It is home to Toronto (Canada’s largest city), the Great Lakes, the CN Tower and the Horseshoe Falls. There’s even a giant nickle. That’s a lot of big stuff! This is also where we find the nation’s capital, Ottawa, where 4/20 festivities are celebrated on the […]

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Canadian Food Quebec
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Iconic Foods of Canada: Quebec

Quebec is one of the oldest, most historic provinces in Canada. It boasts world class dining, sport, creative arts and an almost European flair, in virtue of its rich French culture. It is often said that Montreal is the most fun city in Canada while Quebec is the most beautiful. There are many well known foods of Quebec, but most […]

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