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The Legend of Eggs Halifax

On December 7th, 2020, a nationwide search was sparked when someone on the popular Bravo show, Below Deck, ordered something called “Eggs Halifax”. Below Deck viewers and Canadian foodies were perplexed: What is eggs Halifax? Where is it served? Is it served in Halifax? Why is it called that? Who is calling it that? WTF? It was becoming more mysterious […]

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Halifax Sandwich Showcase
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Clubhouse Sandwich 101

I’ve never been a regular consumer of the clubhouse sandwich. When people would ask me to do a clubhouse quest, I would shrug and say, “Club house sandwiches are boring. They’re what you order if you’re playing it safe.” Or if you’re really hungry. There’s a reason they’re popular; they’re filling, they’re reliable, they are visually striking with their multiple […]

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Donairs Halifax
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History of the Donair Pt 2: The Halifax Donair

Preface *Since writing this post I have written a more thorough and accurate account in Book of Donair: Everything you wanted to know about Canada’s favourite kebab.¬† Back in 2016 I wrote a well meaning post:¬†Donair History Pt 1: It Began With the Doner Kebab. I wrote about how the early history of the donair and how it evolved from […]

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Donairs Halifax
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History of the Donair Pt 1: It Began With the Doner Kebab

Over the last couple of years I have completed Donair Quests of Calgary, Toronto and Edmonton but you may have noticed that I haven’t touched on Halifax. This is an ambitious task, plighted by a heavy discourse of strong opinions and neighbourhood alliances. The spicysweet truth is that I’ve been researching the donair extensively – interviewing the OGs and shop […]

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