Donairs Halifax
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History of the Donair Pt 1: It Began With the Doner Kebab

Over the last couple of years I have completed Donair Quests of Calgary, Toronto and Edmonton but you may have noticed that I haven’t touched on Halifax. This is an ambitious task, plighted by a heavy discourse of strong opinions and neighbourhood alliances. The spicysweet truth is that I’ve been researching the donair extensively – interviewing the OGs and shop […]

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Edmonton Donair Quest

Last fall I did a Calgary Donair Quest, even though it is really the Edmonton that is known for the the Western Canadian donair. The Edmonton donair dates back to the 1980s which you can read about in this Walrus article: The Donair Wars. Charles Smart was the OG of the Edmonton donair but, alas, it no longer exists. So […]

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Alberta Calgary Donairs On The Road
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Calgary Donair Quest

Did you know that Albertans eat more donairs than anywhere else in Canada? I know, right?! Edmonton, the donair capital of Western Canada, even considered making donair its official food, but it looks like they’ve conceded that it belongs to Halifax. The migration of the donair to Alberta is a mysterious phenomenon¬†but there is a¬†generally assumed connection to Maritime migrants […]

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