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The Best Vegan Donair in Halifax

Over the years that I spent researching the donair, ultimately leading up to writing the Book of Donair, I sampled over 50 donairs in 6 cities. I have written posts about the History of Donairs, Calgary Donairs, Edmonton Donairs and even Toronto donairs. But this post about Vegan Donairs has been a long time coming! If you are a vegan […]

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Donairs Halifax
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History of the Donair Pt 2: The Halifax Donair

Preface *Since writing this post I have written a more thorough and accurate account in Book of Donair: Everything you wanted to know about Canada’s favourite kebab.¬† Back in 2016 I wrote a well meaning post:¬†Donair History Pt 1: It Began With the Doner Kebab. I wrote about how the early history of the donair and how it evolved from […]

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