King Street Fish ‘n Chips

King Street Fish and Chips 
59 King St, Dartmouth, NS
Rating: Some Good!

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I recently wrote a piece for The Coast’s Hot Summer Guide: “Batter Up: 7 Spots to Eat Fish ‘n Chips in the Sun“. I was pretty confident with my list, except for the embarrassing realization that I had never been to Dartmouth’s beloved King Street Fish and Chips (formally Fran’s). This was a much needed kick in the butt to actually go try it out!

Fran’s – I  mean, King Street, is a old fashioned chip truck in a nondescript parking lot in downtown Dartmouth. There’s a few picnic tables, but not much of a view (aside from the parking lot and the legion across the street). Most of the customers seemed to be regular neighbourhood folk; the vibe was friendly and relaxed.

King Street Fish and Chips

The lady working the truck called me “sweetheart” and gave me a 2pc fish ‘n chips for the price of one. She said she didn’t have any “big pieces” left, so she gave me two “smaller pieces”. As you can see, these are fairly regular sized pieces. Either a 1pc fish ‘n chips ($7.75) or a 2pc ($10.75)  is a great deal.

King Street Fish and Chips

The batter was perfectly crispy and seasoned, with only a slight mush in certain sections of the interface. The haddock was thick ‘n chunky, with a pleasing texture that complimented the batter. I suspect it was “Seafresh” (frozen-at-sea), which is par for the course.

The coleslaw and tartar sauce were included and adequate. The fries were hand-cut, but devastatingly under-seasoned. I made multiple trips to the truck for spritzes of vinegar and packets of salt, but nothing seemed to help.

Despite this shortcoming, I really enjoyed my feed at King Street fish and chips. I can see why it is a beloved Dartmouth fixture. It’s like being transported back to a simpler time, on the more relaxed side of the harbour. I will definitely return.

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