HFX Fish ‘n’ Chips Quest: The Battered Fish

I just spent 5 beautiful days in the south shore, swimming, biking, boating, beaching, and generally losing weight. Therefore, I am a little behind in my fish ‘n’ chips quest. I know, I know… bad blogger! So when I got back to Halifax today, I ran straight to the nearest fish ‘n’ chips place. The show must go on, after all.

1pc fish 'n' chips at The Battered Fish $6.49

1pc fish ‘n’ chips at The Battered Fish $6.49

The Battered Fish is a waterfront star, located in the food heaven that is Queen’s Landing. This is perfect for a sunny day, sitting by the harbour amongst the tourists, watching the seagulls, boats and buskers. However, it is good to know that The Battered Fish also has a year round location in the Scotia Square Food Court (i.e. my favourite food court in the world). Oh, and let’s not forget the locations on the Bedford Highway and Sackville Drive. The Battered Fish gets around!


The Battered Fish – Scotia Square location

This is no fish ‘n’ chips institution – yet, and unlike those loveable and still-relevant dinosaurs, The Battered Fish has an active social media presence and a web site of this decade. The menu varies by location, but the waterfront restaurant has daily specials, as well as a vast menu that emphasizes seafood, but incorporates everything from salad to hamburgers to bite-sized deep fried Mars bars. There is a poutine menu, a kids menu, and a $5 lunch menu. This is one of the only places in town selling a fish taco, but it is more reminiscent, in taste and appearance, of a KFC snack wrap. I will say this: it wasn’t a taco. Oh hell, I’ll just show you a picture so I don’t come off as a snob:


But onwards we go, with no prejudice or ill will. Today I ordered a simple 1pc fish ‘n’ chips. Just like in Scotia Square, it is served in a biodegradable flappy lid box, with a fashionable paper separator (that has no real purpose, as far as I can tell). I am offered tartar sauce, and provided with a teensy tiny tub of tartar. The sauce proves to be quite tasty. It is obviously hand-made or hand-altered, with a telling taste of pickle. The hand-cut fries are thin and crispy, but you must season them yourself with the provided salt, pepper, and white vinegar. I found encouragement from these thin little guys to shove droves of them in my mouth at once.


The fillets were not exactly generous, but acceptable in size per price point. However, I did not have equal mouthfuls of fish and fry accompaniment, as the fries substantially outlasted the fish. Meanwhile, the batter was probably the best traditional-style batter I have encountered thus far on my journey. The fish itself was fresh, but the whole package was somehow lacking in flavour. The texture and appearance were perfect, but the fish wanted tartar sauce.

Overall, I think this is a good product and I would eat here again. I’m interested in trying the lobster roll and the clams, the coconut shrimp and the beer battered shrimp. Or maybe the poutine with panko crusted cheese curds (seriously, check out the poutine menu! – the fries are promising). At least give it a taste next time you’re on the waterfront! And make sure to check out The Shack, just across the way, for all your non-deep-fried seafood needs. Oysters are $3.45 with tax, and are a routine stop for me now.

Okay, back to the gym! See ya next week!

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*Urbanspoon linked to Scotia Square Location

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