HFX Fish ‘n’ Chips Quest: Sydelle’s Restaurant

Sydelle’s Restaurant
733 Rocky Lake Dr, Bedford
Rating: 6.5/10

My latest fish ‘n’ chips excursion brought me to uncharted territory somewhere between the Bedford Common and the Bedford Industrial Park. Sydelles Restaurant sits unassumingly on the corner of Duke St and Rocky Lake Drive (take Exit 4C off the 102).

I forget how Sydelle’s found its way onto my fish ‘n’ chips to-do list, and little did I know that it has won an award forĀ “best fish and chips” at the 2010 Fringe Festival.

A 1pc fish ‘n’ chips is $6.50 and a 2pc is $8.65. There’s also a 3pc, 4pc and 8pc/12pc family packs available at very reasonable prices.

Apparently they also do a pretty stellar smoked meat sandwich. I was distracted by the “Sydelle’s Fries” which came with smoked meat, cheddar cheese and gravy. The friendly cashier told me that once you start eating it’s hard to stop – and she was right. Tasty gravy, a nice sharp cheese and tender smoked meat upon hand cut fries. Pretty tasty stuff.

Sydelles 6

But back to our topic at hand!

The fish and chips were great! The batter was both crispy and flavourful. The hand-cut fries were among the best fries I’ve had. The tartar sauce was standard and fine. We forgot to order coleslaw, which is an additional $0.75.

The only thing holding this fish ‘n’ chips back from a perfect score is that the fish was slightly over-cooked. But overall, this is one of the better plates of fish ‘n’ chips I’ve had and I left quite satisfied.

A hungry person could probably do a 2pc or 3pc at Sydelle’s as the pieces are not full fillets.

Sydelles 1

Sydelle’s has a modest dining room, with several tables available for eating in – but it is probably pretty busy during weekday lunch hour.

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