HFX Fish ‘n’ Chips Quest: Evan’s Fresh Seafood

Evans Fresh Seafoods
Alderney Landing, 2 Ochterloney St, Dartmouth, NS
Rating: 10/10

Evan’s Seafood started out as a father/son fishermen team who wanted to sell their catch more directly to the public. Evan d’Entremont and his son-in-law Jimmy Kerr started the business in 2008 as a seafood market and delivery business. Now, with the help of extended family, Evan’s Seafood is an Alderney Landing establishment selling both fresh seafood and restaurant fare, including fish ‘n’ chips and lobster poutine.


2pc fish ‘n’ chips at Evans – $9.99

We went on market day (Saturday) so Alderney Landing was buzzing with excitement, including a very loud band. If you are not in the mood for any amount of stimulus, avoid lunch time on Saturdays.

I ordered a 2pc fish ‘n’ chips to split with a friend. The first thing we noticed was that the fillets were small. Way small. A 2pc fish ‘n’ chips is a full $9.99, and a 1pc is $6.99. A 3pc fish ‘n’ chips is $11.99 and I think I could totally handle that. Despite the small serving sizes, the fish was fantabulous! The fish itself was extremely fresh and full of flavour. The batter, which is gluten-free, was thin, crispy, and well seasoned. It is not your conventional beer batter or pancake batter, nor is it anything like Phil’s breaded-style. If you are craving a greasy dirty feed, this may not be what you are looking for – but you will be glad you found it! It is really good.

Evan's fish 'n' chips - you can't go wrong with the view.

Evan’s fish ‘n’ chips – you can’t go wrong with the view.

This meal was even more amazing because the French fries and tartar sauce were stellar. The fries were simply perfect, and the tartar sauce was creamy. It was made with a good mayo and I longed to dunk each and every fry in it. The fish was tasty enough to eat by itself, but the tartar sauce did compliment it so I will leave this to your own discretion.

The only complaint I have about Evans is the price/portion ratio… but it is so good I would definitely splurge on a 3pc fish ‘n’ chips to satisfy this particular craving. We went back to the counter to make an inquiry on our way out, and one of the servers offered us an over-cooked scallop from the kitchen. Despite being over-cooked, it made me swoon in delight! When it comes to seafood, Evan’s really knows its business. I will definitely be a repeat customer.


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