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Fish ‘n Chips at Sydelle’s (Revisited)

Sydelle’s Fish and Chips¬†
733 Rocky Lake Drive, Bedford
Rating: Right Some Good!

(Rating Scale: WTF, Meh, Good, Some Good, Right Some Good!)

I originally reviewed Sydelle’s back in 2015, at which time I was impressed with the quality and value. I’ve eaten a lot of fish ‘n chips since 2015, and I feel that I am now a better judge. I’ve been re-reviewing a bunch of places to see how they hold up to my learned palate.

Sydelle’s is a nondescript little shack on Rocky Lake Drive, serving up sandwiches, burgers and deep fried goodness. There’s a few tables, but not a lot of seating. There is no patio and absolutely no view. And yet Sydelle’s is a bit of a hidden gem…

I ordered a 1pc fish ‘n chips ($7.45) but was served a 2pc fish ‘n chips ($9.95).¬† The pieces are pretty small, but the prices are very reasonable. Once again I forgot to order coleslaw, which would have been an additional $0.75. I don’t like paying extra for coleslaw…

Sydelle's Fish and Chips

The batter was perfect! Slightly greasy, but crispy and flavourful with no mushy interface. The haddock within was luscious and moist. Every bite was lovely.

The fries were also superb. Hand-cut and crispy, these are some of the best fries I’ve had. The tartar sauce was nothing special, and came in annoyingly small plastic tubs. There was a good brand of malt vinegar at every table, so we opted to douse our fries in salt and vinegar and it was glorious.

I’m happy to report that Sydelle’s is just as good – nay! – better than I remember! If you’re in the Bedford area, this is the place to get your grease fix. Pro-Tip: Off Track Brewing is just down the street, and they’ve got some tasty beers to wash it all down!

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