Sandwich Showcase
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Sandwich Showcase: Blackened Chicken Panini at Tom’s Little Havana

After eating the Cuban Doner at Tom’s Little Havana, I felt compelled to also showcase the Blackened Chicken Panini. Apparently it is the more popular of the two sandwiches – and it sounds delicious! This sandwich is described thusly: “Blackened chicken breast panini on Lebanese pita bread with pineapple, salsa, chipotle mayo, red onion, mozzarella and cheddar”. The pita was grilled to […]

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Sandwich Showcase: The Original Pita Club at Darrell’s

Darrell’s is most famous for its peanut butter burger and crunchy peanut butter shakes – but Darrell’s “World Famous Pitas” (really?) also have a strong following. The Original Pita Club, dating back to 1992, is described thusly: “A Darrell’s time honoured favourite. Real turkey (roasted on site daily), crisp bacon, romaine lettuce, sliced tomato, cheddar and mayo.”  It is $12.79 […]

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Sandwich Showcase: OMG Egg Croissant from Norbert’s Good Food

Norbert’s Good Food (of Selwood Green Farm) takes up residence at the Seaport Market. Fresh, organic home grown veggies are the main players here, supported by local meats and breads. The OMG Egg Croissant Sandwich is a best seller and the signature breakfast meal. “A single organic or free range egg omelet featuring That Dutchman’s gouda cheese, Roselane Farm bacon, […]

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