Sandwich Showcase: Cold Cut Sub from Kaiser’s

While MGyver and I were in Lower Sackville to critique the fish ‘n’ chips at Hellas Restaurant, I got him to stop at Kaiser’s before heading back downtown. This is an old Sackville institution oft praised by Sackvillains. It is one of the great sub shops from the days pre-dating the Subway explosion, and they still make ’em how they did in 1976. Much in the same way that the Maine Italian has its devoted following, Kaiser’s subs are built upon tradition and simplicity. It’s like the obvious answer that was right in front of your face during an elaborate search through pretentious bushels of arugula and stacks of brioche smeared with truffle aioli, just looking for the perfect sandwich.

Relax, have some cold cuts and white bread.

Kaiser’s is casually located in a strip mall, and shares some characteristics with a convenience store. Inside, there is barely standing room. The menu is expansive, but mainly consists of sub and sandwich variations. It looks like you can buy lottery tickets.

What I like about this place is that it is not so much a choose-your-own-adventure experience a la Subway. There is a “Basic Works” – the tried and true combination of ingredients that makes a Kaiser’s sub the modest perfection that it is. You will be offered cheese, to which the correct response is “yes”.

The signature sub here is the Kaiser’s Cold Cut, which just happens to be my favourite type of sub whether it’s an Assorted Banh Mi or my standard Subway order (though I also enjoy “Spicy Italian”). Apparently I like nitrates.


The cold cuts at Kaiser’s are more appealing than those at Subway, but what really stands out about this sub is the abundance of paper-thin onions; also, the salad oil dressing in addition to mayo which gives it a bit of a zing. The bun was nice and soft and the flavours were great. The sub does give off a certain onion/salami aroma but I won’t hold that against it. Good things come in smelly packages.


I wish there was a Kaiser’s downtown to satisfy my sandwich needs. I like this sub better than Subway and Mr. Sub, and I think the only necessary enhancement (for me) would be the addition of olives – I think green, in this case. But I would settle for black. I can’t remember if this is an option at Kaiser’s, so I’ll have to check it out next time.

There will be a next time.

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