Brunch at Studio East

Studio East
6021 Cunard St, Halifax

I recently took my pal MGyver out for a belated birthday brunch. He suggested Studio East, having been nothing but impressed with his experiences there. I hadn’t been to Studio East yet, so I was all over that.

I had been to Saronn’s Kitchen at the Seaport Market, purchasing her flavourful Cambodian food, and of course I’m familiar with Chef Ray Bear. Their forces have combined at Studio East, the latest trendy resto in Halifax serving up brunch and dinner with an Asian flare.

Bao buns are all the rage these days, especially in sandwich form. Studio East has two brunch items making use of this delicious steamed bread.

Tinfoil ordered the Steamed Buns ($14) which are filled with pork belly or tofu, sunny-side up eggs,  plum sauce, hoisin, garlic “olio” (whatever that is), and Asian slaw.

Studio East 1

These are served in a steamer basket and are meant to be eaten with the hands. Tinfoil found them quite difficult to eat, but was won over by the delicious pork belly.

I ordered the Bao Buns ($14) which were stuffed with minced BBQ pork and draped with fried eggs and tamari. These are meant to be eaten with a fork and knife, which is pleasing to me.

Studio East 3

There was also hoison sauce glooped on the plate, complimenting the subtle sweetness of the buns and mingling with the creamy egg yolk.

This was a novelty for me – a brunch dish that incorporates Asian flavours. Studio East managed to execute that perfect balance of savoury and sweet that promises a good breakfast. You get your meat, eggs, bread and syrup but in a wildly different fashion. Dim sum meets pork ‘n’ eggs.

10/10 – would order again!

MGyver ordered the Brunch Burger ($12): a housemade beef patty with fried egg, aged cheddar, pork belly, Asian slaw, gochujang-mayo and hoisin sauce.

He’s on a low carb kick right now, so just picture it with a bun!

Studio East 6

Both Tinfoil and MGyver say this is one of the best burgers they’ve had in Halifax!

Studio East also has a regular omelet for those wanting a more familiar breakfast, and a pretty fancy looking chicken congee (ride porridge) for those seeking a more traditional Asian breakfast.

But what sounds really amazing is the Num Pang (Cambodian Sandwich) ($12): fermented sausage wrapped in bacon, fried egg, BBQ Pork, chicken pâté, Asian slaw, hoisin, gochujang-mayo.

That has to happen soon!

In concluuusion: Studio East has amazing brunch with a great atmosphere and no line-up at the door. If you haven’t been there, you simply must go.

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