HFX Fish ‘n’ Chips Quest: Phil’s Seafood

Quinpool Road is becoming an exciting mix of new and old restaurants, with classic institutions neighbouring a multicultural mix. The Ardmore Tearoom has been around since 1958, Freeman’s Pizza since 1956, Athens Restaurant since 1982, and King of Donair since 1973. I had always thought Phil’s Seafood was a remnant of the 1970’s but it is not so! The restaurant […]

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HFX Fish ‘n’ Chips Quest: John’s Lunch

Last weekend I prefaced my Halifax fish ‘n’ chips quest by blogging about the best fish ‘n’ chips I’ve ever had. Prior to that, my most memorable helping of fish ‘n’ chips ¬†was at John’s Lunch in Dartmouth. Little has changed since 1969 when this place first opened, and it still has that charming 1970s vibe. Recently, Canadian Living Magazine […]

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Food Quests
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Hot Dog Party 1.0

I lament the fact that Halifax has no hot dog culture. It seems like every American city has its own signature hot dog, but here in Nova Scotia we rely on the familiar ketchup and mustard. Montreal¬†has a hot dog culture; they have the “steamie”. Vancouver is now famous for the Asian fusion dog. Even Calgary has a local favourite […]

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Halifax Local Gems
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Burritos at Dee Dee’s Ice Cream

Last week I lamented the absence of good burritos in Halifax. This was, perhaps, premature. I have not yet tried Chaechie’s Grill or Que Tal, as my feet don’t often carry me to Bayer’s Lake or Portland Hills. I am stuck downtown with the over-hyped Burrito Jaxx, and the Subway-esque Cantina Mexicana, which is always out of guacamole. Sorry downtown […]

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On The Road USA
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San Francisco Mission-Style Burritos

The American burrito was essentially invented in San Francisco’s Mission district, which is a colourful Mexican/Latino neighbourhood that has a ridiculous amount of taquerias per capita. A burrito is really a whole meal wrapped in a tortilla, and was originally an effective way to sustain farm workers for a long hard day. When the burrito met the American belly, it […]

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Vietnamese Subs

One of my favourite meals in Calgary was an assorted sub and an avocado bubble tea. Vietnamese sub shops are everywhere in Calgary, and Viet subs are the perfect street food, especially when accompanied by a bubble tea. When I was introduced to this most excellent sandwich, I figured it was to Calgary what donairs are to Halifax, i.e. the […]

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Halifax Cupcake Quest

This week my friend Mitch prepared a cupcake quest for me! Seriously, this was the easiest food quest I’ve ever done. I got off the ferry in Halifax and he was waiting for me in a car with 4 little boxes of cupcake magic. Truth be told, I’m not really a sweets fiend. I became attuned to the gourmet world […]

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Halifax Burger Week 2013!

When The Coast announced “Burger Week” in conjunction with 21 participating restaurants, I couldn’t have been more excited. I love the Halifax burger hype and the idea that we could be a burger destination. Burger Week gave us eight $5 burger selections, as well as 13 burger creations with some proceeds going to FEED Nova Scotia. Participating restaurants varied from […]

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