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Iconic Foods of Canada: Saskatchewan

Of the prairie provinces, Saskatchewan is the MOST prairie. It’s the flattest, wheatiest, and squarest of them all. Sounds kinda like a breakfast cereal, amirite? Speaking of breakfast, Saskatchewan brings home the bread. Literally. It is the “breadbasket of Canada” and one of the world’s largest exporters of wheat. It’s also loaded with chickpeas, barley, rye, oats, mustard, canola, flax […]

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Canadian Food
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150 Canadian Foods for Canada 150!

What is Canadian cuisine? Is it just a mirror of American cuisine with all of its spaghetti and hamburgers, but none of its amazing barbecue? Is Canadian cuisine a multicultural potluck or a creole? Is it more defined by our wild foods and agriculture (farm-to-table) or by our street foods and family traditions? Is there any unifying notion of “Canadian […]

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