Brunch at Athens Restaurant

Athens Restaurant 6273 Quinpool Rd, Halifax Recently I joined my friends Megan and Alaska for a birthday brunch extravaganza!  I meant to just pop in for brunch, but ended up walking down Quinpool Road with a happy face heart balloon, eating ice cream in a park and day drinking in their north end backyard. I left before the main festivities began. […]

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Brunch Halifax Maritimes Nova Scotia
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Brunch at Robie St. Station

Ever since I moved back to Halifax I’ve noticed that we don’t have many brunch specialty restaurants. We excel in greasy diners, and we have pubs and trendy restos that serve brunch, but the amount of spots dedicated to this meal are few and far between. Jane’s on the Common was known for its brunch, but alas, it bowed out […]

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Brunch at the Mic Mac Tavern

The Mic Mac Bar & Grill (or Mic Mac Tavern, as the locals say) is known for its steaks and pub food. It is one of Dartmouth’s most beloved institutions and people have been known to cross the harbour for it. Brunch, as defined as breakfast and/or lunch, is available at the Mic Mac everyday – EXCEPT for the eggs benny, […]

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Sandwich Showcase: OMG Egg Croissant from Norbert’s Good Food

Norbert’s Good Food (of Selwood Green Farm) takes up residence at the Seaport Market. Fresh, organic home grown veggies are the main players here, supported by local meats and breads. The OMG Egg Croissant Sandwich is a best seller and the signature breakfast meal. “A single organic or free range egg omelet featuring That Dutchman’s gouda cheese, Roselane Farm bacon, […]

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Brunch Halifax Local Gems
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The Brunch Files: Coastal Cafe

I’m taking a break from my hamburger pursuit for a while, and focusing on all those other culinary delights I’ve been neglecting. Brunch pretends to be wild and unpredictable, but mainly it is just breakfast for hungover people who sleep in. Brunch is more likely to be fancy and handsome, garnished with fashionable pieces of fruit and accompanied by champagne. […]

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