Best Lobster Rolls in Halifax

I’ve eaten a lot of lobster rolls over the last two summers. It all started with an article I wrote for The Coast’s Hot Summer Guide of 2014. I sampled 20 lobster rolls around Halifax before submitting my article: How we Roll: Halifax’s Best Lobster Rolls. Since then, a few things have changed around the city. I’ve eaten even more […]

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Top 5 Fish Tacos in Halifax

Ever since I was last on the west coast, enjoying Tofino’s Fish Tacos and Victoria’s “tacones“, I haven’t been able to stop thinking about why fish tacos aren’t a thing on the East Coast. I suppose it has everything to do with the fact that we don’t have that link to Mexican culture and a shared coastline with sunny California. Yet just […]

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Dartmouth Pizza Quest: Cole Harbour

I realize that Cole Harbour is not technically part of Dartmouth, but it makes sense to include it within the Dartmouth Pizza Quest, so here it is! Much thanks to our hosts, Ann & Gil for their wonderful hospitality! Ann’s watermelon agua fresca and rhubarb pies almost stole the show! We ordered pizzas from the following: Anapolie Pizza Alexandra’s Pizza […]

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Halifax Nacho Quest: Brunswick Street

Welcome nacho lovers! You’ve reached my first nacho report of 2015 – the Brunswick Street Nacho Quest! If you’re just tuning in, check out last year’s Spring Garden Road Quest and Argyle Street Quest. This quest, loosely focused on Brunswick Street, included the following establishments: Midtown Tavern LevelBar The Keg HFX Sports Halifax Alehouse Canvas Restaurant The Fireside My nacho team was made […]

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Dartmouth Pizza Quest: Downtown Dartmouth

This year I’ve decided to take my pizza quest to Dartmouth! Just like the Halifax Pizza Quest, I will be dividing Dartmouth up into “pizza neighbourhoods” and ordering pizzas from all the shops in each zone for side-by-side analysis. The pizza zones are as follows: Downtown Dartmouth North End Dartmouth Woodside/Eastern Passage East Dartmouth Cole Harbour I realize that Cole […]

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Food Quests Halifax Sushi
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All-You-Can-Eat Sushi Quest: Happy Sushi

Fresh Happy Healthy Sushi 362 Lacewood Dr., Unit 11 Dinner: $22.99 + tax and 10% gratuity Lunch: $14.99 + tax and 10% gratuity Types of Sushi: Maki, Nigiri, Hand Rolls, Pizza Sashimi Options: Salmon, Red Snapper, Surf Clam, Mackerel, “Crab” Meat House Special Rolls: Unclear, but there are 7 Dragon Rolls and a Rainbow Roll. Vegetarian Sushi Options: 12 Rolls, 3 […]

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