Sandwich Showcase: Philly Steak Pita at Tarek’s

Tarek’s Cafe 3045 Robie St, Halifax This was my first time eating at Tarek’s despite a constant stream of recommendations coming from my social media channels. I was starting to feel not just like a bad blogger but a bad Haligonian. “What’s good?” I’d ask. “Everything” was usually the reply, but I’ve been trying to zone in on certain key […]

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Alberta Calgary Donairs On The Road
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Calgary Donair Quest

Did you know that Albertans eat more donairs than anywhere else in Canada? I know, right?! Edmonton, the donair capital of Western Canada, even considered making donair its official food, but it looks like they’ve conceded that it belongs to Halifax. The migration of the donair to Alberta is a mysterious phenomenon but there is a generally assumed connection to Maritime migrants […]

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Sandwich Showcase
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Sandwich Showcase: Blackened Chicken Panini at Tom’s Little Havana

After eating the Cuban Doner at Tom’s Little Havana, I felt compelled to also showcase the Blackened Chicken Panini. Apparently it is the more popular of the two sandwiches – and it sounds delicious! This sandwich is described thusly: “Blackened chicken breast panini on Lebanese pita bread with pineapple, salsa, chipotle mayo, red onion, mozzarella and cheddar”. The pita was grilled to […]

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