Nova Scotia Food Profiles: Pepperoni

People who have never been to Nova Scotia probably don’t realize how popular pepperoni is in this province. Not just any pepperoni, mind you, but Brothers-style pepperoni. It can be found in pubs, pizza shops, delis and grocery stores. People stock up on it to bring back with them to Alberta or Ontario. It has really become an iconic Nova Scotian […]

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Nova Scotia Food Profiles: Potato Skins

Out in the big bad world potato skins are scooped out potato wedges or boats neatly arranged and dressed with cheese, onion and bacon. This sorta thing. They were purportedly introduced by T.G.I. Fridays in the 1970s. But in Nova Scotia we do things a little differently… Potato skins in Nova Scotia tend to use actual potato peelings/skins, which are spread […]

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Maritimes Misc. Nova Scotia
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Best Meals of 2015

I mostly blog about pizza and other casual grub but once a year I like to take this opportunity to show and tell my fancier meals. I try to get out to a nice restaurant at least once a month (I think I averaged 1.6 per month this year). I’ll just talk about my best Maritime meals in this post. Rest […]

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Digby Scallop Quest

*Update – July 2018: This blog post remains one of my most popular, despite being out-of-date. A couple of the restaurants I visited have closed down permanently. I’ve also been back to Digby to try more scallops! I have left the post as it is, but have indicated which restaurants are no longer operating. There is also an appendage at […]

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Cape Breton Food Tour

Somewhat recently I was touring around Cape Breton with my family, who had asked for my expertise in planning the trip. Instead, I totally sabotaged the itinerary, turning our vacation into a food tour. My mother always says, “Now, I don’t want this whole trip to revolve around food!” (she knows me well). But my father is not the type […]

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Cape Breton Pizza

Recently, I have become attuned to the chorus of transplanted Capers declaring that pizza is much better in Cape Breton than it is in Halifax. There is, apparently, a style of Cape Breton pizza. There are a couple problems with this sentiment. First, it requires Halifax to have a homogeneous pizza style. Second, it requires Cape Breton to have a […]

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Annapolis Valley Nova Scotia
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Nova Scotia Wine Tour 2013

Nova Scotia’s fledgling wine industry is booming, and no visit to this province is complete without a scenic drive through the Annapolis Valley visiting local wineries. The valley is a lush agricultural region, pastoral and sunny. The shores do not boast of beaches and rugged coastline, but of Acadian dykes, and muddy tidal rivers opening into the Minas Basin. There […]

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