Halifax Peninsula Pizza Finals!

The Halifax Peninsula Pizza Finals were a success! My Pizza Team was joined by other participants for a total of 20 judges, tasked with scoring what we determined to be the 7 best pizzerias in Halifax proper. That’s 20 people – 14 large pizzas, and the biggest event I’ve ever organized! Joining us this evening was Josh Rankin of Life […]

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Halifax Pizza Quest: West End Halifax

For those just tuning in, this is the third installment of the Halifax Pizza Quest! Make sure to check out the¬†rigorous accounts of South End Halifax and the Battle of Quinpool Road. Our methodology involves ordering a medium pizza with pepperoni and green pepper at each pizza joint and consuming them as simultaneously and thoughtfully as possible (something we’re still […]

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Food Quests
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Hot Dog Party 2.0

A couple weeks ago I was finally able to hold the second instalment of my hot dog party series. In Version 1.0 each attendee had to present their own signature style of hot dog. Notable were the sushi dog, the fish ‘n’ chips dog, the poutine dog, and the “Halifax dog” – a work in progress. I decided that the […]

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