HFX Fish ‘n’ Chips Quest: Harbour Fish ‘N Fries

Harbour Fish ‘n Fries
7886 Highway 7, Musquodoboit Harbour, NS
Rating: 7/10

I know I said I was going to Freddie’s Fantastic Fish House or Wharf Wraps this time, but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity for a beach day with MGyver and a trip to Musquodoboit Harbour for some back-country¬†fish ‘n’ chips. Musquodoboit is technically in Halifax, so it makes the cut for the HFX quest.

I had never been to “downtown” Musquodoboit, but for those who reside there, Harbour Fish ‘N Fries is a popular spot. This far away gem is located across from a railway museum, which I could see from the somewhat spacious patio – also a great place to watch the vintage cars pulling in and out of the parking lot. There is also an ample dining room, but the ordering space is rather cramped.

No matter – the restaurant is licensed AND it has a slushie machine. So it’s all good in my books. Not that I saw any evidence of spirits to put IN your slushie…

The typical seafood shack fare is served. We just ordered 1pc fish ‘n’ chips which were roughly $6 (less actually, but then add tax and it was $13-something for both of us). De-cent!

This is what we got:



Coleslaw and tartar sauce came with the meal, which is important. The coleslaw was decent standard stuff. The tartar sauce was “home-made”, though a bit heavy on the relish to the extent that it actually had a greenish hue. It tasted fine though, and I only wish it had come in a larger container.

The fish didn’t need the tartar sauce, though. The moist white flaky haddock was perfect, and the batter was greasy in a good way. Crispy and full of flavour, this is probably my favourite batter to date. This is seriously good stuff.

The meal only waned when it came to the French fries, which goes without saying. You can see them and you know how I feel about freezer fries. Meh.

There is much to love about Harbour Fish ‘N Fries. As far as the fish is concerned, I think it’s some of the best out there. But the fries really drag the meal down to more of a standard quality – which is too bad. I think I would just just substitute my fries with onion rings. Or clams, if I wanted to be a baller!

Big points for slushies, beers, and a cheerful patio. Plus, it’s always fun to take a mini-road-trip through beach country for some roadside fish ‘n’ chips.



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