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Fish and Chips at The Old Triangle

My quest continues for the best fish and chips in downtown Halifax. I’ve already reviewed the Resolutes Club, Henry House, Durty Nelly’s, and the Gahan House. Next up is one of my favourite pubs in the entire world: The Old Triangle.

The Old Triangle is the closest thing in Halifax you’ll find to an authentic Irish pub (at least, according to my own observations), from the perfect pours of Guinness to the cozy snugs. It also happens to be the Irish consulate of Nova Scotia! You’ll often see musicians playing east coast music, or even step dancers. There are also locations in Moncton, Charlottetown, and Sydney, but I can only vouch for my hometown pub.

The Triangle’s nachos made my Top 10 in Halifax, and I have included their Pub Style Curry and Chips in my Best of 2015 and Best of 2017. But I had never had the fish and chips.

The fish and chips ($17) comes with two pieces of beer battered haddock.

Fish and chips at The Old Triangle

The fries have never been the main draw for The Old Triangle, but a perfectly acceptable coleslaw was included and the tartar sauce was everything I want in a tartar sauce. It was a perfect, basic tartar sauce.

As for the fish…

The batter surrounding the fish was quite mushy, as you can see in the picture. There was not a lot of flavour, and the fish didn’t really shine.

I did not enjoy these fish and chips, but I’ve had better luck with the fish bites in the past. A basket of fish bites with a side of curry fries would be my recommendation for your chippy wagon fix.

The Old Triangle
5136 Prince St, Halifax, NS

(Rating Scale: WTF, Meh, Good, Some Good, Right Some Good!)

What are your favourite fish and chips in downtown Halifax?

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