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Fish and Chips at Rudy & Olive’s

Rudy & Olive’s
793 Bedford Hwy, Bedford, NS

I’ve been reviewing fish and chips since 2013, which is long enough that I have had to revisit places that I first reviewed 7 or 8 years ago. In all this time, there hasn’t been many new fish and chips specialty shops to check out anyway. Vicky’s (of Coldbrook) opened a location in Dartmouth, but it closed before I had a chance to visit. Fry Daddy’s (of Windsor) opened in Middle Sackville, but I haven’t had a chance to get out that way.

Instead, I turned my attention to the fish and chips at downtown pubs (see here), which I had been neglecting all this time.

So it seemed to come from out of nowhere when all of a sudden everyone and their dog started nagging me about Rudy & Olive’s in Bedford.

Rudy & Olive’s (named after the owners’ dogs) is located in the motel-turned-strip mall on the Bedford Highway and specializes in fish and chips with Newfoundland flair (there be toutons, by’s). Bedford has been underserviced when it comes to fish and chips, so it’s nice to see the gap being filled.

We enjoyed our meal on a picnic table outside the restaurant in the sunshine. For dessert, Syrian ice cream from neighbouring Booza Emessa is a must.

I ordered a 2pc fish and chips ($13.50).

Fish and Chips at Rudy & Olive's

The hand-cut fries were perfectly crispy and seasoned. The coleslaw was fresh, if basic. The tartar sauce was creamy and tangy, but was served in too small of a cup (too small for dunking and also for the portion size).

The fish at Rudy & Olive’s is not blanched, but battered to order, and it shows. The batter was crispy and flavourful, without the bane of mush plaguing many a battered fish. The Side Dish noted that I fell silent, only producing the occasional “mmm”.

The fish was tender, flaky and moist. It is a Seafresh product from the neighbouring Fisherman’s Market, and you can’t ask for much better haddock than that.

From the batter to the fish – and let’s not forget the chips – this is almost a perfect fish and chips. The only fault I could find was the small cup of tartar sauce, but this is otherwise a fantastic deal for $13.50.

Rudy & Olive’s Fish and Chips (Web Site)
793 Bedford Hwy, Bedford, NS
Right Some Good!

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  1. I was witnessing an explosion of joy over the location as well. Now, since you gave it a thumbs up…I’ll feel confident giving it a go.


  2. We have eaten there twice now and was not that happy with the service or the food. To each their won. I have also tried fish and chips from multiple locations across HRM and outside HRM. The best I have had so far (there are many more to try!) is Lorraine’s Seafood and Grill. A food truck in the parking lot of Canadian Tire in Dartmouth Crossing. You need to try it if you haven’t


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