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5 Types of Burritos on Spring Garden Road

You could say the burrito is a perfect food. It’s a whole meal wrapped up in a tortilla for easy transport and extra carbs. If you take away the tortilla, you still have a feast of meat, rice, beans and veggies (a.k.a. “burrito bowl”) and the fun part is customizing all of this into a personalized package. You can make […]

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Best Meals of 2017

Whoosh! There goes 2017! I spent much of the year celebrating Canada 150 with my Iconic Foods of Canada series in which I partnered with bloggers from all over Canada, asking them to write about a unique regional food in their province. See the top 10 iconic foods for each province here. On Canada Day I published a list of […]

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Review by Murray Wong CHKN CHOP 6041 North St, Halifax Food trends come and go, and when they do come to Halifax, it’s usually with a bit (re. four years) of a delay. While rotisserie chicken isn’t exactly a trend, it’s very much a thing in Quebec. A very, very big thing. St. Hubert and Scores dominate the chain scene, while countless […]

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Food Trucks Halifax Nova Scotia
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Food Truck Reviews: Smokinstein

This is the first Eat This Town post written by Murray Wong, who will be contributing food truck reviews and other future content (stay tuned!). I have been a fan of Murray’s Yelp reviews for quite some time, and encouraged him to bring his unique writing style and critical palate to the Eat This Town team!  Smokinstein Food Truck Find […]

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Fish n’ Chips at Pleasant St. Diner

Pleasant Street Diner was opened earlier this year in Woodside, by brothers Tommy and Stephen Fatouros, sons of Fotis Fatouros, who was once the co-owner and face of John’s Lunch. You probably know John’s Lunch either as “the best fish n’ chips in Canada“, or conversely, “not even the best fish n’ chips in Dartmouth” as Halifax ReTales would say. Diners must reconcile these accolades […]

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