Brunch at the Mic Mac Tavern

The Mic Mac Bar & Grill (or┬áMic Mac Tavern, as the locals say) is known for its steaks and pub food. It is one of Dartmouth’s most beloved institutions and people have been known to cross the harbour for it. Brunch, as defined as breakfast and/or lunch, is available at the Mic Mac everyday – EXCEPT for the eggs benny, […]

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Brunch at the Stubborn Goat

Brunch is sadly not a weekly affair for me, so I regret to admit that I am not a brunch specialist. I swear that I’m working on it, in between burger week, pizza quests and sandwich sampling. I am a busy blogger! … and I haven’t had a source of income since last October, so there’s that. I had been […]

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Brunch Halifax Maritimes Nova Scotia
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Brunch at Epicurious Morsels

An “epicurean” is popularly defined as one who seeks pleasure, particularly in the form of food and drink. The word derives from ancient Greek philosopher, Epicurus, who taught that pleasure is the greatest good. However, unlike other hedonists Epicurus actually believed that pleasure is derived from the avoidance of over-indulgence that so often leads to pain and suffering. He did […]

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Brunch Halifax Local Gems
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The Brunch Files: Coastal Cafe

I’m taking a break from my hamburger pursuit for a while, and focusing on all those other culinary delights I’ve been neglecting. Brunch pretends to be wild and unpredictable, but mainly it is just breakfast for hungover people who sleep in. Brunch is more likely to be fancy and handsome, garnished with fashionable pieces of fruit and accompanied by champagne. […]

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